Monday, June 1, 2009

Garage Sale....

This is how you celebrate birthdays in hospital....
Pizza and mud cake dosn't get much better than that.....
Saturday was a very full day...
We had our community Garage Sale. It was alot
of fun and we had people from Toowoomba and Gatton areas
come and have a look.
Our local craft group had a stall
and we displayed our quilts that we made.
We met some new ladies that have just moved
to the area and are going to come along. That was our
main aim to met new people as we have had quite a few move
to this area in the last 6 months.

I have to admit I spent more than I made........
I will show you my goodies later in the week.

Hello to my new readers, I will get to visit you soon
and say hello.....I want to say Hello to my dear friend Angie
that I never ring often enough......sure am missing you at the
moment though......
Greg is still in hospital, he is getting worse instead of better. As
one infection cleans up another one comes along. Poor darling is in a wheel chair
as he has a infection in his knee and can't walk.
At least the pain as dulled alot and he has his sense of
humor back........But boy am I ever missing him annoying me
not that I would admit to that......

My coffee cup is empty so I had
better get back to the house work, I haven't done much
in the last week, so you can imagine what it looks like!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings to all


  1. healing prayers for the infection to subside and for Greg to get better.
    the garage sale looked like a lot of fun...sure would like to have gotten one of those quilts...and the tile-chip teapot picture was cute, too!
    thx for sharing

  2. I hope Greg had a very Happy Birthday... if that's possible, while stuck in a hospital bed!
    Pizza and Mud cake sound like the perfect birthday meal!!!

    Oh my goodness! The garage sale items - especially the quilts - are simply fantastic and I have to admit that I enlarged them and pored over them, item by item!
    It looks like you had a lovely day for it. :-)

  3. Pizza and mud cake, nothing nicer!!
    Sending much love and hugs Mandy, take care of yourself and don't run yourself ragged. Look after you too, everyone else can manage.

  4. Sending you and your family best wishes Mandy, I hope Greg is soon feeling better.

    I too loved the look of those quilts at the garage sale. I love going along to these.


  5. The quilts look gorgeous. My prayers are with you and Greg xx

  6. Hi!
    I hope everything is better with everybody and no hospital these days,unfortunately I know how it is to celebrate at hospitals for more than 18 years........
    It seems that you had a great saturday!
    I enjoy reading your blog! and enjoy very much the pics!
    Thank you for sharing and waiting for the next post