Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hi every-one......

I haven't had much to post about
the last couple of days as I have been at the hospital.
Greg is still very sick, so I've just been sitting with him.
I did get away a little before I had to get the kids from school
and go to my local patchwork store called Precious Time
that has moved just near the hospital, nice
of them hey!
I got this Melly & Me pattern at the Patchwork Angel some
time ago, so I thought today I would get the material
to make it.
These are Moda fabrics I love the purple in them, I
am having a real purple phase at the moment.
Now all I need is some time in the sewing room to sew.....
Meanwhile I'm knitting still, and working on my "Paper Bag swap"
Sorry that's all I can say about it except the chocolates
are long gone.....

Now I'm going to visit some of my favorite
blogs, then a early night is in store for me..........

Blessings to all



  1. Hi Mandy, I've been thinking of you and praying for you all. I hope the holidays help slow the pace a little for your family at the moment.

  2. Lovely Fabric choice for your Bag..they will look Great..sorry to hear Greg is unwell prayers are with you...hope you get a little time out soon...
    take care

  3. Mandy Sorry to hear Greg is unwell my thoughts are with you and your family. Hopefully he will be home soon.
    Love your choice in material, cant wait to see the bag finished. I picked those stripes to go in my first quilt that I am making. I have homework to do before the next lesson and I must admit Im struggling, Im a non sewer at this stage lol. It's a whole new world.
    Take Care

  4. Hi Mandy

    After reading your post I have been thinking of you a lot and hope Greg is home with you all again soon. It must be an enormous strain for you but you must take comfort that you have a loving family to help you through this. I think you are an incredibly strong woman and take my hat off to you.

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. Gosh Mandy that was so nice of the Patchwork shop to shift to nearer the hospital so its more convienent for you. LOL. Love those fabrics in that photo

  6. Love your choice of fabrics for that bag!

    So sorry to hear Greg is still very sick! I'll start praying for a miracle.

    Hugs to you both.

  7. Mandy in Highfields *(near the Patchwork Angel!!) this weekend have sent you an email with my mobile number...know you are busy still pryaing for you all but coffee helps too if you have the time.



  8. Mandy just read your post about the boys room LADY that is NOTHING !!! I am going home to take photos of our little boys room (there are 3 of them and believe me it looks like the entire entourage of a bad heavy metal band live in there)LOL

    Was thinking I can come up to the hospital and meet you you don't have to come to me I just thought if you wanted an hour time out you could bring your stitching and sit with the rest of us Crazy people.

    Anyway like I said I am close to you this weekend let me know where and when and I will be there.



  9. HI Mandy I hope your husband is getting better. I have been lurking, reading your blog for a couple of weeks now ( your garden posts got me hooked )I am mid decluttering and have a nappy box of fabric and books that you may like - I was going to send it to vinnies but I can't part with fabric that way. I live near newtown park if you think you would use the fabric or read the books. I have blogged about in on my (new) blog. I undestand you may have otherthings going on with Greg so no rush, I will keep the box til I hear from you.

  10. It was nice of them! That is great to have a bright spot in your day.

  11. Mandy, I've got tears in my eyes reading this post. The only thing good about this whole situation is your faith, your love for your family, and your love of life. Hey I guess that's a lot. That always comes through in your writings.

  12. Got your message on the mobile will call you later today (Monday).

    Talk to you soon


  13. Oh Mandy...My thoughts have been with you & your family since my last visit...many a day spent @ that same hospital earlier in the year with my DDH...ever so pleased though that you were able to fit in a visit to Precious Time... {{{Big Hugs}}}