Thursday, June 25, 2009

One day sunny the next day.......

Freezing cold.........
I know that it is winter, but yesterday was
such a beautiful sunny day that I gardened all morning.
I decided that this garden needed edging.
This garden is at the side of the Dairy and gets alot of shade,
I had to move two of the hydrangeas as they weren't doing too well, they
were behind the bath so I moved them to the front.
Below is a before photo. Lots of weeds growing up here
in the grass as well. The ground is still so wet from last weeks rain
that they were easy to pull out. I used the last of these pavers to do this boarder
I will be keeping my eye out for some more as I love
the look they give. All I need to do now is mulch this garden.

Every-thing is doing so well up in the Old Dairy's garden,
the lavender is in flower and looks lovely waving in the breeze.

The nasturtiums have gone mad in the front where
it gets sun all day. This garden is very overgrown with them
but I leave them there as the nasturtiums protect the roses, day lilies,
geraniums and saliva's from the frost. Yes under that mess lurks all those plants.

All the roses are giving there final display before finishing
for the winter.
All in all I had a wonderful morning digging and getting my
self all dirty, soothing to the soul to be in the dirt and working..
I was planing to go out again cold I think I will catch up
on a few odd jobs in the house before I head to the hospital.
The fridge needs a good clean out, and the
pantry needs a tidy up as well. Always plenty to
do in the house.
I hope every-one has a blessed day,


  1. Believe Mandy - your place doesn't remind me of winter at all! It sounds as if you had a lovely day out there.

  2. looks so pretty
    love all the color

  3. Do you live in the southern part of Australia? Up north they're still having hot weather, right? It's supposed to be summer here in Washington, but of course it is windy and raining today and only 68 degrees F. 20 degrees C.


  4. Yes it's cold here too. The other day we had a eerie fog that just wouldn't lift all day. I'm waiting for hubby to do some landscaping before I plant my garden. I have the picture in my head how I want it done. My front yard is just a mud pit atm, from all the rain that we've had. We ran out of rainwater some time ago and now we are on bore water, YUK. It's always the way, Murphy's Law.

  5. I've got the cleaning bug at the moment and can report a near perfect house. My fridge had a full clean out last night. Can't believe we had 4, count them 4 jars of capers!
    My garden is quite dormant at the moment, roses cut back and other plants dying down for winter.
    The dairy garden looks great. How far is it from your home?

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Come on over to my place to pick up a little something I've left for you.

  7. Your garden still looks lovely Mandy, despite it being winter! I love the lavender and the edging you did looks cool.

  8. Love your flowers. We had a tub like that and got rid of it when we remodeled our bathroom. Oh, if we had only kept it!

  9. That edging looks great!.