Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saturdays Bargains.....

Thought that I would show you my bargains from
Saturday....The teapot I am going to paint Canal ware style.
I am on the look out now for enamel ware so I can paint it..
Don't you love the box......
All it needs is a good scrub down, a lick of paint and
new rope handles. I love the sections inside I can see all my wool
stacked lovingly in here....
The rocking chair is in great condition and a real bargain
at $30.....I have it sitting in the kitchen next to the fire, my new
favorite place to sit and knit....I just realized
that I also got a fantastic cane laundry basket....O well
I will show it another time...

On the gardening side of things,
I have had to cover my hedge this year
as last year it got frosted to the ground, I have covered it with
Hessian, also the mango tree has been covered...
Hopefully this will save them a bit...
I have also planted out 8 new saliva's that I got over
a week ago, good timing too as it is raining here.

It looks like Greg will be in hospital for another week yet,
as they need to still sort the infection out in his knee..
This morning he was alot better and more like
his normal self......Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers
they are working......
(((((((A note from Alanah........Thank you for all the B/day wishes
and I look nothing like Mum....)))))))

Blessings to all


  1. love your finds
    glad to hear he's better
    love your plants
    have a good day!

  2. Thanks for the update on Greg. I've been praying and wondering!