Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buying Organic.....

Do you?????
There is alot of debate around about buying organic produce..
Today I had to take Alanah to T.A.F.E and the Organic Food Market is just near there so I thought I would drop in. Growing my own produce it doesn't bother me that the fruit is not picture perfect like the supermarkets are. It is the price that I do a double take on..For the items above I paid $18.05 for... $4.25 for the milk, now this I thought was O.k it is in a glass bottle that I can reuse unlike the plastic ones, also the milk is local. $6.32 for the Hommus, I thought that was a bit dear as it isn't even organic and I can get it half the price at Aldi. The tiny little cucumber was$3.07 hmmmm makes me long for the ones I grow. $2.06 for the capsicum, I thought that a fair price. I buy all my fruit and veg from the markets, they may not be organic but they are local and alot cheaper. With such a large family I think I will continue to buy my f&v from the markets. I will be going back to the shop for my milk, and also a good look around to compare grocery item prices.
Do you buy organic? or buy local? which do you think is the most important....To me I think local, I want to support my community to keep it going, so I will put local before organic and if I can get both , even better....Better still will be to go out and be able to get every-thing from my back yard !!Let me know what are your thoughts on this... Now for something far from organic......Last nights desert yummmmm. Custard, jelly and fruit , this is about all Greg's tummy can handle. The children don't mind as thy are getting desert something we have never worried about before. Greg is doing O.K he is constantly in pain though which is horrible for him. Also he can't really eat any-thing but fruit. We are just taking one day at a time.

Till next time


  1. Hi Mandy

    I bought some sweet 'corn on the cob' from Woolies which was organic. It had the biggest caterpillar embedded in one of the cobs, chewing his way to paradise. I think I paid about $3.89 for the 2 cobs. Never again. Love jelly, custard and fruit.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Hi Mandy, wow those prices for f & v are atrocious. We always try to buy local if possible but our prices are nowhere near that. Our milk is $2.95 (2lit) but it is in plastic, we don't have any choice now, our peppers are $1.29 at the most and our hummus is about $3.45.
    It is always nice to support local community if possible and buy doing so you are managing to get a lot of organic. Bill grows a lot of our things also but we don't have the size section like you. I know he would love more land as he is a market gardener or was, but he says he's getting too old for all the hard work of the big garden now and its no good looking at me, I just give instructions!!
    Big hugs to you and Greg, Deb

  3. Hi Mandy I buy my F&V from the Adelaide markets at a store called House of Organics. I love it - it sells a combination of organic and minimal spray produce and almost everything is local or near local. However our corn and strawbs are coming from Qld at the moment :) All the produce is labelled, making me feel informed. I can tell whether the produce is organic or minimum spray by colour coding. The quality is excellent. It lasts me the week - I only shop for F&V once a week which saves me. Firstly I get a discount at the cash register usually 10% of my total cost and I only go there once a week.

    I love this service and am happy to pay a higher price sometimes for quality and service and the knowledge that we are consuming less chemicals and supporting locals. We consider this important for our health.

    Cheers for now,

  4. Here in the UK, they have just had an item on the BBC news about some research which has just concluded organic food has no significant health benefits. However, in the long term, surely it must be better for the PLANET to grow crops organically? I try to buy local produce where I can, but I find the cost of organic stuff is quite offputting when on a tight budget. Trying hard to grow my own veggies! I do like Aldi produce

  5. I buy organic and local if I can. I also have some edible landscaping in my front and back yards--plum, cherry and apple trees, blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb. But my property is small, so it is not enough. I need to completely re-do my landscaping.

    I had surgery (very minor compared to Greg's) last year and it really messed up my digestion! I started taking acidophilus pills, and full spectrum enzyme pills. Together they finally got my digestion working normally again. Could this be Greg's problem, too? I am so sorry to hear that Greg is still in lots of pain. You are both still in my prayers.

  6. I buy organic flour etc from the orgnaic shop in the village. I never used to but it tastes better and it really has made a difference I think health wise to us all so I buy as much bulk organic stuff as I can for cooking now.(and I can take my jars down and fill them and there is no packaging.!!!!! and unpacking is a breeze)
    I try to grow our stuff when I have the time to tend it properly, but with seven as you know that can be a full time occupation in itself until you get into the swing of it.

    But the real miracle for me is the backyard vege growing club i belong to we swap our excess so if I have a million grapefruit I can swap them for tomoatoes or whatever I need. It is great.

    Organic milk well I don't allow my lot to drink more than one cup of milk a day anyway as milk is a food so we don't use a lot I try to buy orgnaic but some weeks it is cheaper to buy it from the supermarket. Hommous ? Organic chickpeas and I make it myself costs about $1.50.

    I agree about supporting local growers too it is so important.


  7. i work at an organic internet supermarket, i pack all the fruit & veg. the prices are quite high even with my discount, somethings do taste a lot nicer than non organic from the stupid market, as do your own home grown fruit & veg. as for organic over local mmm its hard as i dont want to eat all those chemicals as im sure no one does but supporting local is very high on my list

  8. The dessert cups look wonderful. If that's all Greg can eat, you're doing a great job of putting it together.

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