Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does any-one know how to put more than one picture
into the header???? I've was playing around last night and I can't work out how to do it.I hope you are all enjoying your week end. I have spent all week-end in the garden, as the weather has been so warm, more like spring than the middle of winter....


  1. From memory a mosaic, and possibly on the Flickr site. I will have to find the link.

  2. I love your new blog look. The only way I know is to make a collage in another programme like Picassa and then put it in. You can download Picassa for free.

    I'm glad hubby is home. Each day is treasured.

  3. Yes, I am enjoying my weekend- more importantly, hope YOU are, with Greg home now! Love and blessings on you all xx


    If you use the second link and make the columns x 3 and rows x 1 you can make a banner for a blogger blog using tekka template.

    Only thing is the right photo will be cut slightly short.