Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Electricity and Water......

Thanks for all the comments regarding yesterdays post....
We all have different ideas and this is what is making every-thing so interesting I think. Today you can see we are discussing water and electricity. Lets look at electricity first shall we.. I would encourage you look at http://www.down---to---earth.blogspot.com and read Rhonda's post on meter checking. She talks about reading your meter and keeping an eye on how much you are using..Yesterday our meter man came to read our meter, this gets done every 3 months. I will be taking note of my account and I have set a challenge to lower the amount of power we use in the next 3 months.
Ways I will be saving is.......
Doing larger loads of washing instead of small ones....Turning of lights when not in use. I already use the new fluorescence bulbs.....Turning of appliances when not in use...computer, T.V. D.V.D players...There are probably different ways that others can cut down as well air conditioner, heating, clothes dryer, hot water. I am interested to see if our hot water usage has changed as our new washing machine heats its own water...How cool is that.. Let me know of any areas that you think are important that I have missed..

Water is an area that we didn't have to change at all...Living out of town we have only ever had tank water to use. Our children have always shared bath water youngest to the oldest. Now only the two boys have baths and they share the same water. The girls all shower now but know to have quick showers. We have always had a water saving head on our shower, a couple of years ago I got this you bute tap that goes between the shower bar and wall fitting. With a flick of this you turn your water off, shampoo your hair, shave your legs then when you flick it back on the water is the same temp..We have saved even more water with this. Above is the house tank, last year we put 2 big tanks on the big shed in the paddock and these are always full. Fresh rain water will never be a problem for us again. One thing I do want to do is collect my grey water, now it goes into the grass and gardens. We need a new septic and I want to get a Home Sewage Treatment System. These are upwards of $6000..I think they are well worth the output though as then you have water a plenty for the garden. Now many of you probably live in town, you can read your meter and try to cut down of your water. Many town homes here are being built with tanks on them, this can run the washing machine, toilet and even showers..
How is your no spending week going? I know next time I will need to plan things better and may-be not do it in school holiday time. So far though we haven't spent' so far so good...
Blessing to all
I'm looking forward to reading the different blogs on today's subjects....


  1. I would love to get my electricity usage down--we use 350 per month in winter and 150 per month in summer. But with renters it is really hard to get everybody on the same page. If I were living alone, I could and would be very frugal! Same story for water.

  2. Your posts in the Biggest Kitchen Table have been inspiring and exciting. I am so out of it, hopefully I will get to chance to read Rhonda's and all of your writing too, and make a decent attempt on another post or two.

    I have nominated you for an award, you will find it on my blog.

  3. Have just got back from a few days away so I missed the start of the biggest kitchen table. A lot of the things are things I do anyway but gosh I have so much room for improvement it is off the scale!! Have mentioned it in my post today and so I figure all I can do is try my best. Hope Greg is doing well I think of your family alot