Thursday, July 9, 2009

The End Of My No Spending Week.....


This is self explanatory isn't it, production in the home.
In the last week we have talked about ways of being in control of our lives, whether that be spending less and more wisely, cleaning green, using less disposables and so much more. In all these areas we are producing something at home. As I look back I see that I have learnt alot of new skills, knitting, soap making, recycling, budgeting and lots more.
Each day is a learning curve for me, I love to learn new things and reading other blogs is great inspiration for this.
Here is some things I would like to do in the next 12months.
  1. I want my garden to be more of an edible garden...
  2. Learn to weld, there is so much I could do with a welder....
  3. Pottery, make my own pots and cups, just the feel of clay in my hands is something I know that I would love.
  4. Shop less, try to only grocery shop every fortnight.
  5. Mend clothes, I have always said my sewing machine doesn't do mending. lol.
  6. Knit bought ones just don't last do they?

That's some of the things that I can think of , I know there is alot more practical things I need to learn as well.


My no spending week finished today. With Greg coming home tomorrow I went to town a day earlier but that's fine..I did have to spend through the week as well.

1. Pocket money.

2. Postage...I had to send David some things he left here and also my Paper bag swap was posted..

Not to bad really I am really pleased with how I went and next time I will be more organized. If I start to shop every 2 weeks well then I will have every 2nd week as a no spend week...

Remember this???? It is what my Paper bag swapper sent me. Well it is all made and should be in the plane on its way to New Zealand by now..When my partner receives it I shall show you what I made her. Personally I will be checking the mail box as soon as the mail lady has been because I know that my parcel is on it's way to me as well...If you have never participated in a swap I recommend to give it a is so much fun. If you click on the paper bag in my side bar it will take you to the links.

Well I am of to bed I have to get my beauty sleep as tomorrow I pick up Greg....I have to tell you I feel like a giggly teenager I'm so excited that he is coming home...Let me tell you that my bed has been a cold lonely place lately....O.K. enough of that kind of talk... Righto gotta go as each year I need more and more beauty sleep soon won't be enough hours in the night.........

Blessings to all.....



  1. Hi Mandy

    You've done so well with Rhonda's Biggest Table. All I could do was read your posts and feel a bit guilty because I really didn't participate. Will do a post on that over the weekend.
    Oh and happy homecoming to Greg. Bet he will be one pampered man.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Wow, you are serious about this! I admire you.

  3. good job...
    eager to see what you the material!

  4. Great to read your list! Welding - that is something that I would love to see!
    I would feel like a giggly teenager too after 6 weeks. Enjoy Greg coming home today. And good luck choosing that new TV haha

  5. Greg is coming home! I'm excited for you! May your time together be wonderful and blessed.

    Good job with your minimal spending! Unfortunately, I can't hold a candle to your efforts! Compared to you I'm an abysmal failure! But I'll keep reading and keep trying to become more 'green.'

  6. Hi, I've just stumbled onto your blog and your content is certainly close to my heart. I have added you to my favourites so I can spend some more time going through your posts.