Monday, July 27, 2009

Enjoying Monday......

I am loving these winter days full of sunshine and crisp air.......bliss.
I have ordered my new fruit trees. I have ordered them through Garden Express, they had a brochure in the July issue of Gardening Australia. When I rang them and talked about the different fruit I wanted they were very help full.
This is what I ordered.....
2 Thornless gooseberries, blueberry (brigitta), blueberry (northland), peach, apricot, nectarine, kiwifruit male&female,apple (pink lady), and granny smith apple tree. I am looking forward to getting these in the ground, and in a couple of years the fruit from them..... I need to replant my window box on the shed wall, as it is looking very unloved and sad. Yesterday on the way home from church we found a new market had started up at our local shops. I was able to pick up some good plants from there and get some fruit. We will now be leaving for church half an hour early so I can drop in there for our fruit. It is a lot easier than the big markets to get to for us.

Yesterday afternoon I spent teaching Cassandra how to sew. Cassandra and Robbie have been on to me for ages to teach them, but I didn't really want them on my good machine. Last week when Spotlight had their sale on I got them a good little Brother machine for $249. It is a great little machine for them to learn on. Cassandra made herself this apron, she soon got the hang of sewing and has decided she loves it. Next week-end she wants to learn how to make some pants using a pattern. May-be Cassandra will be like me and enjoy sewing as her 3 older sisters certainly don't!

I need to get in and get the housework finished so I can get out to the garden and plant my new plants. I also have to dig a few holes for the new fruit trees. I love Mondays, planning and getting ready for the week ahead, each Monday is a new beginning I always feel...


  1. I hope that turns out to be the case Mandy. It will be lovely for you, about the sewing.

  2. My Brianna likes to sew a bit. Loves making flannelette Pyjama pants for Kirby and herself.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. My daughter doesn't like to sew, its just not her thing. She will knit though, not much but a bit.

  4. You sure have way more energy than I do. Don't know how you pack so much into a day--or a week!