Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enjoying the sun.......

Not a lot happening around here today, my MIL has gone to help out my sister in-law that has broken a bone in her ankle. When my MIL is here she hangs all the washing for me, brings it in, folds it all then irons it for me.. Do you know how much spare time I have had ......I love my MIL and not just because she is good to me (O.K it helps) I spent all my spare time in the garden.
Today there is housework to get done and washing to hang on the line. I'm trying to get some routine back into my life, but I think I have to realize that NOT having a routine is my routine.... The sun is shinning brightly so it won't take long for the washing to dry... I will be spending some time in the sewing room as I need to add some length to 2 tablecloths I picked up on sale. They just fit the length of the table, so I'm going to add a little more to each end. That way they can hang over the end of the table.

Plants are still starting to flower....Abraham Lincoln Rose has lots of buds on it. The pansy's have there faces up to the sun, and salvias are starting to flower as well...We are all enjoying the winter sun plants, animals and us......


  1. Hi love the roses and pansies can't wait for a few quiet moments to put in some annuals. I don't usually do that but this year I think I will turn the winter vege patch into a summer flower garden. That is the plan now if they could just extend the week by about fifeen hours I might get it done!!LOL How is your gorgeous husband enjoying your garden?

  2. Love your flowers! Red roses are my favorite and that rose is absolutely gorgeous!

    You are lucky to have a wonderful MIL. My MIL was wonderful as well. But she's been gone for nearly 18 years!