Friday, July 3, 2009

No spending week...

Simple Home Audit... I have decided to join Rhonda at in her no spending week challenge.
If you haven't already I would encourage you to go on over
and read her blog...
The no spending for a week will be a challenge for sure....Yesterday I did my shopping and bits and pieces that I needed, so I shouldn't need to go to the shops until next Friday.
I have discussed this with the children and they are always up for a challenge..
Today Rhonda is discussing Living Deliberately and Money.
There is alot of talk these days about living green and living simple.
Here in our house I have always tried to live a simple life because that is what
I choose to do. I enjoy being a Mum and wife, I enjoy being at home and not working
in the workforce because that is what is expected of me....When I first moved to this area
22years ago as a 20 year old the locals thought I was a bit different a real hippy....
(they still do)Greg was completely different to me, he ran his own business and at 29 still lived at home. I had been on my own since I was 17....Greg had money to get what ever he wanted I grew my veges had chooks much the same as I am now...
Believe me it has made for an interesting marriage...I think that Greg still spends way to much money on things.....but he is the most generous man I have ever met and if he sees a need
he makes it his business to help that need get met no matter who it
is......Together we make a pretty good team with good team members.
With all that has happened with Greg getting cancer and not being able to work,
we now see that our lives will I see the last 22 years as
preparation for where we are heading now in our lives....
I would say that just being together for as long as we can be is our goal
at this time..Living a simple life and being happy here at home together is all
we really need.
What about you what are your goals..... are you living the life you always thought you
would, are you where you want to be in your life???
Good questions.....should be an interesting week in seeing what
people want in there lives and where they want to go in them..
Some soul searching and deep thinking this week I think...


  1. Hi Mandy

    A lovely written post and it has got me thinking. It may take me a few days to think about it and do my post, asnwering some of your questions.

    Regarding the no spend week - I dont think I'll do so well. I am a commercial animal! But I will give it a try.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Being together as long as possible and living a simple life sounds wonderful. I hope God allows you many years together like this.