Friday, July 31, 2009

One of those days!!!!!!!!!

You know the ones..........they start bad the night before. When I got the children from school yesterday Robbie came limping to the car, he'd hurt his ankle in football. Well we went to soccer practice and at 6p.m when it was finished and it was time to go home...........flat battery in the car, no problem I'm married to a auto elect I'll ring hubby.......great left the phone at home, and hey! what can Greg do any way as he can't drive. Plan 2...... brother in-law is also a auto electrician, rescued at last.....
Started out with coffee in my favorite cup...Yep today is going to be a good day!!!!!!
Poor Robbie can't even walk on his foot....Get other 3 of to school, make sure Greg is O.K for a few hours then of to the doctor.....We got in by 9a.m then of to x-ray then back to doctors only 11a.m by this time........good news his foot is not broken just torn tendons and badly bruised..... You have to imagine this as they won't let me take a photo to share....Greg and Robbie getting around with walking sticks!!!!!!!
Time for another cuppa.....
Then out to bring in a load of wood........feed the chickens and collect 12 eggs as they are laying well at the moment........Off to MIL for afternoon tea......Alanah and William have both come home sick......Will with his asma and Alanah with a head cold....Half way through my cuppa Greg rings to tell me I must have left a gate open as there are cows in the yard....Right every-one in the car...... race home. Chase cows out of yard....By this time I am pretty cranky do you know why? cause I left the gate open.... I may look strange yelling at my-self for leaving it open(but I do any-way) As I walk around to inspect the damage I want to cry.....the beef steaks have eaten ALL my cabbages, lettuce and broccoli........again I yell at my self for being so stupid..

I am going to make a cup of coffee in my favorite cup, take it to bed and read my book...Tomorrow when I wake up the world will be a happy place because it is Saturday....I should be taking the boys to soccer, but as one is sick and one has a sore foot instead I can stay home and paint some out door furniture and be thank full for a full Saturday at home..... was your day?????????


  1. Hi Christian,Wife and Mother, This comment is not for the post but the 'Poster'. Your strong convictions about life's journey comes through your posts. Cheers.

  2. OH Mandy your Poor Thing...I am feeling your Pain over the Vegies...after all your hard work in the I bet you will remember to shut the gate EVERY Time you got out from now on...
    Enjoy your Saturday...You Deserve it...

  3. Yep, you sound like a day at home will be just the ticket.

  4. Oh Mandy - I do feel for you - this morning I dashed out to do an errand [for the Church] and briefly parked where I shouldn't have [there was a large truck blocking the road] - and I got a Parking Ticket. I am SO cross with myself for my stupidity

    It is a good job the Lord puts up with us and our human failings !

    and out family go on loving us despite our rantings

  5. Big breath in, big breath out, big breath in...
    I've had days like that, well nearly! Phew, hope your Saturday and Sunday are more tranquil. Bummer about the cows and the garden.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. You're not stupid, Mandy. Just a little over-stressed right now with whats going on in your life. Take a deep breath, and throw yourself into your Heavenly Father's arms!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Laughing out loud because I know how you feel and you know we have all been there at one time or another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So when can I come and get that manure?????????????????????