Monday, July 20, 2009

Over the week-end........

Well it didn't snow but it was certainly cold. Soccer practice was cancelled on Thursday night because of the cold so that was good. The weather has warmed up a little since then, Saturday was cold at soccer but Sunday was warm and sunny perfect gardening weather. This photo below is of the garden this time last year, the fruit trees had just been planted , but can you see the 3 scraggy macadamia trees in a row? Well there gone!!!!

As you can see here...They were very old and unhealthy and it was time to cut them down. All in all we chopped down 6 trees in the yard. I will be planting more fruit trees next month when I have decided what I want. It was a big job clearing them away, Alanah,Casie,Robbie,Will and I worked hard Sunday clearing them all away. We will have a big bonfire when they all dry out. The first photo is of a large log we couldn't move so we left it in the garden and made a display of it.
I can't believe the difference it has made with them gone. The above photo is from the Old dairy's door and I can now see the house. Below is from the back door looking up to the old dairy ( I didn't realize MIL had hung her washing up sorry about that lol) It has open the yard up so much. When the fruit trees grow up it will be different. This is one of those ideas I got while Greg was in hospital, but he did organize to get them cut down.
I also got some sewing done for a friends daughters 1st birthday. I made Nelia a little dolls quilt out of left over flannelet from when I made pajamas for the girls.. I took this photo to see how all the colours looked together, and it is the only one I have. I stippled it and binded it in the pink. I called it "Bubblegum" I think I will make Cassandra's quilt using the 9 patch squares, that is why I used them as this was my experiment quilt as I haven't done 9 patch before.
Well I'm off to see what you all got up to over the week-end.

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  1. Mmmmm, I love macadamia nuts! But if the tree is old and dangerous, it is best to get rid of it, I guess. At least you are replacing the trees with fruit trees!

    Bubblegum is so fitting a name for that delicious looking quilt. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by and yes, your explanation was very understandable.