Thursday, July 23, 2009


I planted the tomatoes in a new spot for winter. They are planted down the back garden in a nice sheltered position that gets lots of sun.. I have been getting lots of little cherry tom and small gourmet ones. I also have ox heart planted that are just starting to ripen. I planted basil in among the tomatoes and it has grown so tall. I think for lunch today I will make some basil and pine nut pesto to have on toast with tomatoes. ymmmmm.
I love this photo of William, he is trying to do his top button up on his school shirt.
He had such a look of concentration on his face but smiled just as the camera went of..
Just a quick post today, then of to take the boys to soccer this evening and I really need to get some fruit and veges while I'm in town...
Blessings to all


  1. I love little cherry tomatoes! They are so sweet. I eat them like candy!

    Your boy is so cute!

  2. Lovely lunch menu, sweet little guy!