Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time for a change....

It is so cold here today.....
The clouds look so fluffy and heavy looking, I have heard talk of snow. Greg said that it has snowed in Toowoomba once about 30 years ago..I would love to see it, not that we would get snow here as we are always a few degrees warmer here than in town. The boys have soccer training from 4-6p.m this evening so I will get a taste of just how cold it is then. I decided to do some rearranging of my lounge room. I have my mother-in law here staying for a while and our lounge room is not really set up for watching T.V. Every-thing but the T.V cabinet has been moved, now Greg can lie down on the sofa,MIL can sit in the recliner and I have my chair.Now Greg and his Mum can watch cooking shows all day if they want to.....and they probably will!!!

Here is my chair...I have put all the things I need right where I can reach them. I have all the little cottons in a china bowl with a lid, my knitting needles are in a cup that the handle broke of. I have my new needle case that Priscilla sent me close at hand with all I need in it. The photos are of my Mum & Dad in the large frame and my grand parents in the small frame. The egg was a gift for my 40th birthday and is one of my favourite things.
A table of my favourite things, pretty yet functional. I have my shawl on the back of my chair and just out of the photo is my foot stool. In this all my wool is kept( below). Now I have every-thing close by for those cold days and nights.
Do you have your own spot that is just yours where you can sit and do what you love to do. Because my sewing room is away from the house it makes sense for me to have a spot for some sewing essentials instead of running up to the Old Dairy and back.

Now for the rest of the day I think I am going to keep the home fires burning, sit in my chair and continue to knit. I am loving this variegated wool and it looks great knitted up, once this scarf is finished I'll be able to wear it with about any-thing.
Enjoy your day


  1. Mandy, I've seen pics of Toowoomba and thought I saw palm trees there so I'm confused! I thought places with palm trees never got below 10 degrees celcius. I, too, have a wood burning stove in my house, but I rarely fire it up unless it gets down to freezing or we have snow or the power goes off.

    I wish I had a cozy space like you do. Your chair and end table are very pretty. I spend a lot of my time in my office on the computer or practicing my piano. Or else I'm in the kitchen or at my part time job!

  2. I just love re arranging the furniture for a change. I love your chair. It looks similar to mine with your little round table with all your treasures and handy sewing stuff. Yours is a lot neater of course. My husband is always complaining. I spend most of my time however in my sewing room which is really my special place. Loved seeing your Daffodil out - we only have jonquils out down here so far

  3. Hi Mandy

    Been busy with work again so just popped in and caught upw ith your last few weeks. I am so so pleased Greg is home. I know you will be in for a busy time with his mum there but how lovely for you all to be there together.

    It is the local SHow this weekend I entered a quilt and today will race home early to pick some lemons, grapefruit and some blossoms to enter (if the wond last night didn't shred them all!!!)

    I love the chair and one day when I ahve a day off I will come adn sit by the fire with you and hadn quilt while you knit!!.

    Much love and many prayers heading your way


  4. Everything looks so pretty and cozy, and you certainly have a knack!
    My lounge room looks pretty sterile by comparison, but then again, it's hard to have anything nice when you have 32 children! ;-)

    What I wouldn't give for your comfy chair and a wood burning fire right about now!
    It's pretty "Brrrr" in Ballarat this morning!