Thursday, July 2, 2009


We have been busy enjoying the school holidays.......
The children have been busy playing on the farm and I have finished
all the pruning, edging and mulching. Every-thing
is looking bare yet still beautiful.This is the only area that I haven't touched as it is the rain forest
section of the garden......
Where we live is only 3 hours from the coast,i have been asked by
some of my readers if it is always warm here. We can
get cold winters but nothing like Suzun gets in the Rocky Mtns
when I read her blog in winter I know that I don't know what cold is.....
I do get frosts here, but not around the house, and this year I covered alot of
frost tender plants up.......The coldest it's been this year is 1 degree
and the days get to about 14 here. But most nights it doesn't get below 2 or 3 degrees.
I have done my pruning about a month earlier
than I normally do it....With the school holidays on I thought
that I should get it done, as who knows what next month will bring.
So hopefully I won't lose any-thing. I have moved 4 roses as they where
getting to much shade. I have planted
Pansy's,foxgloves and lots more, so hopefully
this spring my garden will be full of colour, so you won't miss all the
things I have pulled out...

Not much is happening in the vege garden, I have pulled the last of every-thing up
dug the beds all over and mulched them. I will leave them to rest
for a month before I plant any thing else...The wind is blowing right
through and everything is getting wind burnt. Next year
I will have to have the real vege garden up and going before winter,
as I am losing to much this year.
Greg is doing so much better he is up and walking with the
help of a walking stick, and he is looking so much
better. The doctor said that he is areal fighter with all he
has been through and yet he still continues to amaze them.
There is talk that he will be coming home late next week so I really
hope is bad enough sitting up there, I couldn't
imagine being there full time for 5 1/2 weeks.
Now he can move a bit more he can get outside for awhile
and not stuck inside all the time.
I hope all the Mums with school age children are
enjoying the holidays as well...


  1. Hi Mandy

    Gee, you've been busy in the garden. Looks great. Fingers crossed for Greg coming home, that will be great for everyone.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Oh Mandy that is fantastic news about Greg. I am so happy for you, I don't think I could comprehend the joy you must be feeling.
    big hugs xx

  3. So glad to hear that it looks like Greg will be able to go home next week!

    It seems rather strange for me to be praying for someone I don't know and have never met, but I definitely know God has asked me to pray for your family. So you are on my prayer list of people that I pray for regularly!

    Your garden looks so good--and the yellow zucchini makes my mouth water! What a beautiful plant!


    P.S. My word verification is "bring." Could very well mean bring your petitions to God who hears and answers prayer. And God will bring Greg home again.

  4. School holidays are just beginning here - yay! I am looking forward to a bit more sewing time, sleeping in and spending time with family.
    Great news about Greg - isn't God good.