Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A walk through the garden.....

Today on this sunny winters day I thought that I would take you for a walk through the garden....I have been busy making new gardens and rearranging old ones. Follow me along the new path into the rain forest. Below is how it was, I removed the seat, laid some pavers between the plants. Pruned wayward branches, moved some birdnest ferns and then gave the new path a good rake. I moved the seat to along the path.
Once we walk in a little way it is lovely and shady. There is elk horns growing on the trees in along here, you could never see them, now they can be admired as we walk along.(top picture above seat) If you are quiet enough you might even see a fairy running through the garden

I am happy with the way this path turned out, I have been wanting to put a path through this garden for years and it only took half a day to do it.
Now lets go out to the back yard.
This daffodil doesn't realize that it is still winter. She is in the new round garden that I made out the back a couple of months ago. I filled it up with bulbs and foxgloves. Along the side of the house here I pulled out all the lemon grass, well I have planted 4 standard roses instead. Rose Satchmo is the name of them, they are scented and the colour is described as scarlet, they will look so pretty in along this wall. I have under planted them with dianthus in pinks and reds.

Lets sit here a while and have a rest shall we. This table and chairs came from the veranda, I had to move them of though!!! Come around to the front and I'll show you why.

This daisy bush has gone crazy it is so big now, the little finches hide in here and come out every now and again for a play in the bird bath.

Before we get to the veranda, this is a new garden I made on Sunday. These trees have been here for a few years now. I always need to get in and keep the grass down so I mulched it and planted some different varieties of native grasses and some yuccas. Once they grow up they will look good. You can just see the house at the top of the picture, this garden is out on the foot path a way from the house.

This is why I had to move the table and chairs, yep Greg has set up camp out here....He has his rocking chair that I got him from the garage sale. I small table for his books and glasses, and a box for his other bits and pieces. The bin isn't for him that has the dog food in it, yes I should have moved it before I took the photo.

Well I hope you enjoyed your walk with me around the garden...Greg wants to say a big thanks for every ones well wishes and prayers..He is getting stronger every day, as yet he hasn't been able to go for a walk outside but he is walking well now with a walking stick.. Sitting out in the sun is one of his favorite things, and watching cooking shows.........
Have a blessed day


  1. It's so good to see Greg up and about looking so much healthier. It's nice that he can have his own space to sit in the sun and read.

    Blessings to your family.

  2. Hi Mandy

    I am so envious of your garden and that lovely sunshine. Everything is so dormant down here in the South.
    That's a lovely spot for Greg to sit and convalesce, now he just need feeding up a bit! Enjoy your garden and all that hard work.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Thanks for the tour of your lovely garden, so envious! You've done such a wonderful job.

  4. Mandy you have such a lovely garden. Love that little daffodil head with its smiley wee face.

  5. You have such a beatiful garden and such a calm place. Our love and prayers go out to Greig and your wonderful family. Carol

  6. thank you for your garden tour it is beautiful.
    i am so glad Greg is back home with his family & i lov his corner spot with the rocking chair {i have had one of those on my wish list for years} :o)

  7. Ooh, my favourite is Ready Steady Cook with Ainsley.