Monday, August 17, 2009


This last week as I have been looking around at other blogs I have been inspired by the different ways people decorate...Birthday decorating has always been something we do for every-ones birthday....But I never realized what a lot of waste I was making until I read Julie's post over at Towards Sustainability. Her post about her daughters birthday inspired me....So thanks Julie...For a couple of years now I have been putting a party stash together... I have the table clothes and knives and forks...Table centres and table runners in differant colors I think you get the idea...... Then I go and buy balloon's , streamers and other decorating stuff , it kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?I made a Happy Birthday banner out of felt, you could use your scrap booking letters and cards to make this as well....With the banners I used all my scraps of material big enough to get a triangle out of. They are double sided and were so easy to make.
All I had to buy was the ribbon to sew the banners onto. And while I was in Spotlight I also saw the balloon decorations Julie used and they were on sale...$30 for a pack of 6. 3 small and 3 large, so I got them as well. When I put them up I remembered that I had some Japanese lantterns so I pulled them out as well. Chloe loved it....and so did the othes, I am sad that Chloe's B/day is the last of the childrens b/days for the year as I have so many more ideas.........

Then I remembered Christmas.....Yep after the last b/day I start to think about Christmas...Well I can make Chrissy banners and I think one would look good in No1 sons shed, so I could make him one for Christmas.....(just joking son)
I hope this will inspire others to make their decorations instead of buying them and returning them to landfill..
Have a great day all......


  1. I like your banners and Japanese lanterns. Great birthday decorating idea!

  2. Mandy you clever thing you what a beautiful way to decorate for a party. Love the lanterns to, so clever