Friday, August 28, 2009

Girl time....

What a wonderful day I had yesterday, my Mum came to visit....Yep just what the doctor ordered a good dose of Mother daughter time....We drank coffee, cried, looked at the garden drank more coffee had another cry..... you getting the picture....I some how feel refreshed having spent the day with Mum, telling her all my deepest thoughts and fears that only she can understand..Lets face it it doesn't matter how old you get you still need your Mum, I know that after all these years Mum still misses Nana and yep we even cried about that yesterday..
Today though I am turning that wonderful material above into a skirt to wear out tonight...It mightn't look like much there but O! the plans I have for that piece of fabric...Tonight I am going out with the girls.......We are off to the Empire Theatre to see Les Miserables.....Girl time, adult time, good times....O.K so I may-be a little excited about going out...And why do I have to make something to wear your wondering....The last time I bought a good out fit was to wear to Chloe's formal.......2 years ago.....Now don't get me wrong I like clothes, but when I don't go out much I find it a waste of money as you wear them once then they sit in the wardrobe....
The week-end is full of soccer for me tomorrow the semi finals then all day in Stanthorpe on Sunday.....
I hope you all enjoy your week-end.


  1. Can definitely relate about the clothes, and about Mum's. Have a nice time.

  2. Ok so I looooove tha material Mandy, just one suggestion.....after you have made the skirt and before you leave the house, stand with your back to the mirror and check out your butt ok. We really don't want to read that you flashed your thong at the Empire ok. Hope you have a great deserve some girly time, do you have a designated driver, that's what licenced kids are for you know. Be happy as you ca..xx

  3. Great skirt fabric for a night out on the town - just watch that you don't need a slip. I'm happy for your gratitude, Mandy:)