Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shopping and driving.....and then more driving.

Shopping day again today... I have made a decision to go back to fortnightly shopping...
So today was a big shop and then when home I had to rotate tins in the pantry.
I have my menu planned for the next 2 weeks so i am pretty organized there. By shopping fortnightly I know I am going to save alot more money, and I won't feel like I'm always in town and that darn car.
Here is an example of my week....
Mon- home.....
Tues- home.....
Wed- Take Alanah to TAFE...
do shopping come home, back to town at 5pm to pick up from TAFE
Thurs-Town for soccer practice....
Fri- Town to pick Robbie from Community Kids.
Sat town for soccer.
Sun-town for church....
SEE........I'm always going to some changes are going to will be finished in 3 weeks so that will cut out 2 fortnightly will help but the rest I have to do...
O.K so I am SOOOOOO over shopping and driving as you can tell....I can here my son saying"put a teaspoon of cement in your coffee Mum and harden up"....I hear you David.....
Plus I don't seem to have enough time to blog so something has to give doesn't it as one must get her priorities right......
Thanks for listening to the ranting of a
Slowly being DRIVEN insane MUM..


  1. i like cutting my trips down too!
    good 4 u!
    nice pantry

  2. I'm with you on the shopping Mandy. I'm off to do my shopping in an hour. :(.Jeanette

  3. Mandy my pet hate is grocery shopping I detest it lol. I usually go once a fortnight, a few years ago I used to shop once a month that was fantastic. It would take two trolleys and people would look at you funny lol Then I would have to buy milk and veggies weekly. I might try to go back to that.
    We live in our car my DH is always going on about the mess we leave in it lol, clothes, shoes, books etcbut we seem to be in it all the time. My daughter has just changed dance schools the old one was a 15min drive this new one is an 80minute round trip, four days a week. Three of those days I have to hang around as she only has an hour class the other day it's a four hour class, as soon as I check out the bus timetable she should be able to catch a bus to Caloundra after school and then I will pick her up at 8.30. Im so glad my other daughter quit and isnt doing any after school activities at the moment. It's hard when you need to be in two places at once lol.

  4. Jackie, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets in trouble for the mess in the car.I have found though when I clean it out, no-one can find any-thing as it should be in the car. lol
    Jeanette may-be we could try internet shopping.....
    skoots pantry is my pride and joy as I've only had it 12mnts and waited 15 years for it to be fitted properly....

  5. Sounds like a plan to me.

    I have everything on route to and from work. Doctor, dentist, pharmacist, favourite food shop and bread outlet. In fact when I thought I was going to loose my job last year. The first thing that popped into my mind was, 'well that upsets my line up and schedule'

    I do know the feeling of wanting to be at home and not out.


  6. I hear you, Mandy! And, I know what you mean. I'm always running to the grocery store, too! But for me it's only a mile away, which isn't so bad, I guess.

    You seem to be really doing well with getting organized and 'going green!' Good for you!