Sunday, August 2, 2009

A sneak peak......

This is what I have been doing this week-end.
Can you guess???? Thank you my friends for all your lovely comments in my last blog, you are all so kind to me....


  1. Ow Mandy, I have just caught up with your last post and this one. What a horrible day you had, life does seem to send curve balls doesn't it. I am so pleased that you managed to yell at yourself, better than someone else yell at you, and today is another day.
    big hugs Deb

  2. Hi Lovely lady how are you??

    I laughed at your bad friday post I know exactly where you are coming from ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When can I come and get that manure????? Was thinking maybe one day next week the kids have a few days off for the EKKA so we can all do the road trip thing I know yours won't be home but mine can shovel poo.

    email me