Thursday, August 20, 2009

A time for sitting....

This is the back garden all nice and green, I don't know why it always stays green as I never water it. I Don't believe in wasting precious water on grass. What I wanted to show you is the paddock is dry here, very dry...Our local rural fire brigade have already stared to burn off in the area in readiness for the warmer weather. Our house tank has been empty for a couple of weeks and I've been pumping water from the shed tanks...That is a job I have to do again today. I don't mind doing it because it means we have water..Others around have to buy there water in... Yesterday the arch was made...This is for the Kiwi fruit, so it is nice and solid. I have always wanted an arch here, and am pleased with how it finishes the area of..It is made from some old star pickets 6 of them, then the poly pipe fitted over the pickets. The poly pipe is from the shed and then the mesh is from out in the paddock that we found....Price $oo.oo now that's why I love it. All recycled materials.....

The report from the Doctors wasn't good, he said that there is nothing more they can do to help, I knew this in my heart but hearing the Dr say it, well, that makes it all the more real doesn't it? This is where you find Greg most days in the sun on the veranda, he is taking the news better than I thought which is a blessing. One thing we are learning is that life is a gift, and we must live life to the fullest each day.....even just sitting and talking drinking coffee and tea is living it to the fullest for Greg so there is plenty of sitting for me and not much doing....but I would rather sit for this time than do...

There is lots of changes to happen in our lives and things are going to be tough and different, but that to is life....We have finely put our business up for sale, it has been hard for Greg to let it go, now we pray that it will sell fast....
Wishing you all a blessed day...


  1. I can't believe the arch is from recycled materials, it looks very impressive. The grass is probably your good mowing practice, you probably don't mow it too short? You see grass dry off on the same day down here when people mow.

    Praying for the business sale. I am sad for Greg about that. Happy though for the time you get to spend together. Sad that things weren't spelled out but I guess they were waiting until you were ready? Shame it had to be said, I'm sorry for that. I hope the positives of it make up for it quickly.

    Your kiwi will make nice shade and breezes under it in the second year I'm sure, unless things grow quicker up there. The first year is more for training it where you want it to grow.

  2. Mandy, I have cried after reading the doctors news for you and Greg. I knew you were waiting for it to be said but it so hard for you to hear. Enjoy your "just sitting" with Greg, smile because the sun is on his face, hold hands and enjoy the being together of today.
    I am always thinking of you and wish I could be closer but remember I am always here wishing I could take away the pain.
    Big hugs for you and Greg and a quilt of love and warmth being sent your way telepathically.

  3. Mandy - sending love and prayers to you, Greg and the family right now.
    Cherish every precious moment you have together- and leave the trivial things behind [like non-essential housework]
    Praying that the sale of the business is quick and smooth, and remember that God is there with you in all this - lean on Him!
    love and blessings x x x

  4. Mandy,
    My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope the sale of the business goes smoothly with as little stress as possible.

    Sometimes "just sitting" is the most important thing of all.


  5. Mandy and Greg,
    You are still both very much in my thoughts and prayers. I know you are enjoying each day that God gives you together. It is wonderful that you have a place in the sun that you can just sit and enjoy each other's company. You are an amazing woman, Mandy. Greg is very lucky to have you as his wife.

  6. Oh my dear Mandy, I am sorry that youhave had this sad news. Time we spend together is really the most precious gift we can have. I hope you have a lot of good time together, you & Greg and all of you together as a family. You are all very brave and my heart breaks for you all. All I can say is sometimes life just sucks.. sorry but it does. Be happy as you can, be blessed together, thinking of you all.

  7. I know you two are enjoying your Time. It really is all there is, isn't it? Love from me