Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What happened to Spring??????

What beautiful weather we are having...Yesterday it seemed like we missed Spring and jumped straight into summer... All the flowers are starting to poke there faces up. Jonquils are out and there sweet scent fills the evening air.
The colours are so deep, pinks yellows white and blue.
Even my sweet peas are making a comeback after not 1 but 2 times being munched on by the cows....
The best surprise was seeing a irise out in flower. These were here when we first moved in 20 years ago and they haven't flowered for a couple of years..I dug them up last year and divided them and this seems to have helped....
Just a quick post today as we are of to the doctors....Greg has been home from hospital 6 weeks now and we still haven't heard from a doctor....now this dosn't seem right to me shouldn't there be follow up appointments? Well I rang last week and again yesterday and DEMANDED to see his oncologist.....Now Greg says I have to be nice when we get there..........we'll see......
Blessings to all, and have a great day.....


  1. Hi Mandy, I hope it all goes well and is a help.

    Yesterday we had a cold wind, but it was OK out of the wind. I'm starting to get used to the winters here that seem to drag on.

  2. And our president is hell bent on introducing the same kind of healthcare in our country! No Thank You! Is Greg able to keep more food down, now?

    On a lighter note, your flowers are gorgeous, and yes, they look like summer, not spring! ;-) The pic of the white iris is absolutely stunning!

  3. Good on ya! If it's any help to know - we in the US have the same problems even though we have to pay insurance companies through the nose (where did that phrase come from?)for our health care.