Friday, November 27, 2009


Hi all......
I am at work doing this blog as the computer at home has decided to freeze and my IT man won't get to fix it to the week-end. Thanks for all the comments on Alanah at her formal, she even got her photo in the paper....
I have been very busy at work this week trying to get as much done before the children finish school today....That's right the last day of school for 8 weeks yippie......I love school holidays, though this time things will be very different with me at the workshop. I have a plan, I'll tell you about it next week when I know if it is working or not....
Have a good week-end all and hopefully my computer will be working and I can get back online to catch up as I am missing you all....

Monday, November 23, 2009

A quiet one..

What a quiet week-end we had around here, with Alanah & Chloe away. Chloe went out to Roma with cousins and friends. The Roma races was on so it is a good excuse to by a new outfit and go visit your sister..They had a great time judging by the photos I've seen on face book!!!!
So there was just the three youngest and me at home. It was way to hot to do much so we sat around talking and swimming.
In the cool of the evenings I got the mowing done, but that's about all...
I have finished the housework for today and I am seriously thinking about going for another swim, it is just so hot!!!!!

This week I am going to get on top of my Christmas present list...I have put of Christmas as long as I can I need to get into the Christmas swing. How are all your preparations coming along for Christmas?????

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank God it's Saturday.

What a week!!!!!!! The Graduation is all over and so is Alanah's formal....I have just waved Alanah and her friend off as they head of to Coolum for 10 days. My girl is all grown up now..and yes I'm having a cry....I was good at the graduation and didn't cry at all but watching her drive away it hits me......She's a woman now!!!! In a few hours we went from receiving our school certificate to
Movie star beautiful..
and the car to match of course a 65 Mustang...

Don't worry I will be putting more photos up next week, just had to give you a sneak peak....


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling..
Today Greg would have been 52....We miss you so much..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm back......

What one crazy week I am having....
Below is Alanah with some of her school friends at the beginning of the year. This year has gone by so fast, on Friday these girls will all be graduating!!!!!!!! Now for those of you that have a year 12 daughter about to graduate you will know what my week is like...Last night Alanah had her nails done, as this is VERY important..Then there is the waxing of the eyebrows, not to mention trying on our dress EVERY night. For those of you that yet have all this ahead of you I have some advice RUN.......Get out while YOU are still sane...
Alanah is walking around this morning moaning and groaning yelling sighing with the occasional slap to the forehead.... Why????Other than the fact she is 17, has a formal in two she has an interview for uni..
The poor girl you do have to feel for her having this interview in the middle of this week. I know she will be fine as she is one strong, determined young women who can do any-thing when she puts her mind to it..
When above daughter asks when am I getting my hair cut?? I can take a hint so now I have to go and get a hair cut and heck having a close look now it has been brought to my attention I will need a colour as well, but I am NOT getting my nails done!!!!!

To me though this is a sad time another of my daughters is grown up and about to head out into the world...O.K getting teary here so I must stop this train of thought..It is sad and wonderful all at the same time isn't it watching your children become adults...agh to be 17 again....

Have a blessed day


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday already????????

O.K what happened to the week???
I think I missed it as I woke up today and it's already Thursday. I have been so busy at work, starting at 8a.m and not getting home until I get the children of the bus...I am home a little early today though and I will be getting some mowing done....Until then here are the rooms I haven't shown yet.These are the last of the photos to show you . Above is the hall stand I moved into the Family room and below is the new table I bought to replace it.
Below is the entry..I love this room as it is a good size room that you walk in from the front door. The corner cabinet was my Nana's. One day I would love to get it restored, I have thought about painting it white only I think my Mother would kill me....

My bed used to be under this window, so I moved it to under the other window.

My poor bed has nearly had it. Over the years it has been welded a number of times, one morning I am going to wake up on the floor, then I will know it's time to get a new one....

I haven't changed the bathroom or laundry, I did change a cabinet in the kitchen though. Real shame about the bathroom though...I'm sure when it gets it' s clean next week I will be able to arrange something different..
Blessings to all,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning.....

I have been busy over the week-end spring cleaning. I know it was late as I normally do this in September, but I haven't felt like it until now.
I felt I have needed to get in and really clean......I have cleaned out all the cupboards, and I now have some cupboards that are empty..I think I am going to have a garage sale with every-thing I don't want any more...The above photos are of the family room. I have brought the other lounge chair down here now so there is more sitting room. I even took the hall stand from the hallway and put it down here.It is in the above photo near the door. Of course I had to by a new one!!!!!

Below is the dinning room....Not any-more it's not..

Now it is the Lounge room!!!!!!

O.K I also decided to change rooms around. Yes the dinning room is now the Lounge Room and I think it looks great. The room seems so much bigger as well. This room comes of the kitchen and opens onto the veranda. As a dinning room it was always to small when we had all the family home.
You are probably wondering where the dinning room has gone??
Above is the sideboard from the entry...yep even that room got a make over.

This is the sideboard from the Dinning room that is now in the new dinning room.
Below is the lounge room as it used to be.
It's now the dinning room.....Are you confused yet????

For years I have wanted to do this but was always a little unsure..It is the best decision I have made regarding the house..I now have a formal dinning room and it is so big..I will be able to fit 8-10 chairs around this table...The table came down from my sewing room, it is wider than the other one. I even bought some new dinning room chairs..Red and white leather ones..There is still four red ones to come yet. I haven't had comfy dinning chairs for about 10 years. I had lovely antique bentwood ones but they just aren't all that comfy. I will sell them in the garage sale as well.
What do you think????Tomorrow I will show you some more rooms, but I think this is enough for one day. If you click on spring cleaning you will see these rooms as they were last year..
Now I have to get back to the last of the cleaning...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Garden update.....

All is going well with the garden here. Each morning I am getting out in the garden for an hour as planned, this is making the day so much more enjoyable...The retainer wall around the septic trench is almost finished, Handy Andy has been hard at work getting this done for me. The vege garden is on hold for a bit longer until all the rest of the work is done. I don't mind to much as I don't know when I would get the time to attend to it. Next year will be different and the vege garden will be ready by then.I do have veges growing in amidst my other plants so this will do for now....

It is starting to warm up outside today, I think it is going to be a hot one..A good day to wash the car and get wet..We have some tank water in our main tank that I have to use as it has been tainted from the jacaranda flowers when we got the rain last week.. This is only the second time it has happened in 20 years..The water goes brown and stinks...So we will wash all the cars and empty it and pump our last tank over from the shed..I am thankful that the house tank is nearly empty...

Have a great day all, Blessings

Monday, November 2, 2009

Week-end Catch-up......

Thanks for all the uplifting comments from Fridays post, you Ladies all know how to make me feel better...and I am feeling much better after a wonderful relaxing week-end.

Saturday saw me get all the mowing done and NO wiper snipering.....No matter how much I sweared at it, it would not start. I decided to do the edges by hand and shovel. Every-thing is looking neat and tidy now.

Saturday we all went to a Trivia night at church,,It was a lot of fun, I helped out with supper, It was such a fun night and I got to meet some new people which is what I wanted to do..> Sunday morning we slept in till 8a.m and then off to church. I love that our church doesn't start till 9:30a.m as we get to sleep in.... A lady from our church gave her testimony....boy it was powerful. Deb was diagnosed with bowl cancer 18 mths ago. if you are interested go to the link and hear her.....

In the afternoon my 2 older nephews came down to spend time with Robbie and William, they all had a wonderful time in the pool....These young men could have been out doing any-thing instead they choose to be with there younger cousins....To me this is what family is about...seeing a need and doing something about it..Thank you boys...

While they were swimming I managed to get some cooking done which was wonderful. I put on an apron and did my best Nigella impersonation..Then it was of to Greg's youngest brothers place for tea. It did seem a little strange at first to be there without Greg..Another first I suppose, but we all had a lovely bar-b-cue for tea and the children had a good time playing together...How was your week-end????

I love Mondays, getting in and getting the housework done, that 1 day a week when the house is sparkly and clean, until 4p.m that is...I got an hour in the garden this morning before starting inside. I am going to do an hour each morning before I go to work, starting my day with gardening will have to make for a more relaxed day...

I'm going to make some lunch and do some blog reading.

Blessing to all.