Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Garden update.....

All is going well with the garden here. Each morning I am getting out in the garden for an hour as planned, this is making the day so much more enjoyable...The retainer wall around the septic trench is almost finished, Handy Andy has been hard at work getting this done for me. The vege garden is on hold for a bit longer until all the rest of the work is done. I don't mind to much as I don't know when I would get the time to attend to it. Next year will be different and the vege garden will be ready by then.I do have veges growing in amidst my other plants so this will do for now....

It is starting to warm up outside today, I think it is going to be a hot one..A good day to wash the car and get wet..We have some tank water in our main tank that I have to use as it has been tainted from the jacaranda flowers when we got the rain last week.. This is only the second time it has happened in 20 years..The water goes brown and stinks...So we will wash all the cars and empty it and pump our last tank over from the shed..I am thankful that the house tank is nearly empty...

Have a great day all, Blessings


  1. Your garden is looking good Mandy, lucky you to still have nice greenery surrounding your place.

    The hot weather has arrived here and the green has disappeared.

  2. Your garden is looking lovely Mandy, I'm glad you have found time to spend in it - gardening can be a great 'destresser' - lol is that a word!

  3. Yesterday being a public holiday here I got to spend time in my newer garden which has lots of cottage flowers. I pretend I am not into gardens that much, but that garden grows anything and it is a delight. I think that is why my husband likes that house so much. Many weeds to deal with yet though, but at least our watering system works now.