Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling..
Today Greg would have been 52....We miss you so much..


  1. I lost my comment, probably because my internet is going slow at the moment. But couldn't leave without commenting. All the best for today. I hope it is a sweet day in some way.

    I had a quick look at your posts from this time last year. Hope your daylilies are nice and cheery for you.

  2. oh mandy i am sad for you all. can't say it gets easier not sure it does but hang in there and i am thinking of you all and often
    love lots

  3. What a nice picture of the two of you! You look cute and Greg looks so robust! So does that cake! :-)

    I know today is bittersweet, but I'm glad you are sharing your memories and photos with us. Just because Greg is no longer with us doesn't mean he's no longer alive! He's more alive than ever now that he's with his Savior in Heaven! In a way I envy Greg--he got to go first!

  4. A sad day for you all but I'm sure there are happy memories - the silly hat, his huge grin,that huge choccy cake which I'm sure you all shared. Go buy another one for dessert!

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. Sending prayers and best wishes to you all as you Remember.....

  6. Happy Birthday Greg. I know that you are being sent many best wishes from afar and the tears that are being shed are happy tears of birthdays past and others are sad tears of birthdays missed.
    Mandy, you have big hugs from all of us, another hard moment to meet and live in.
    xxxx Deb

  7. Thank you for sharing Mandy. Love, hugs & prayers are sent to you and your family. I hope you as a family were able to celebrate in your own special way. Every time you look at your children you must see a little bit of your Greg he is everywhere I hope you find solace in that.
    God Bless Caroline

  8. Dear Mandy, I sort of know how you're feeling today. Yesterday was one year since my husband was diagnosed, and Dec. 7 will be his birthday. And then the holidays are coming. People tell me that after the first year, with all the firsts, it gets easier. Let's hope they're right. Happy birthday to your dear Greg, and blessings of peace to you, Mandy.

  9. Oh Mandy... How hard it must have been for you.
    But hun, I love that picture of the two of you, with that cheeky grin on Greg's face... and I pray that it makes you smile through the tears