Friday, November 27, 2009


Hi all......
I am at work doing this blog as the computer at home has decided to freeze and my IT man won't get to fix it to the week-end. Thanks for all the comments on Alanah at her formal, she even got her photo in the paper....
I have been very busy at work this week trying to get as much done before the children finish school today....That's right the last day of school for 8 weeks yippie......I love school holidays, though this time things will be very different with me at the workshop. I have a plan, I'll tell you about it next week when I know if it is working or not....
Have a good week-end all and hopefully my computer will be working and I can get back online to catch up as I am missing you all....


  1. Hi Mandy.

    Good luck with your plan!

    I only have one home on holidays, and he only just came back from his brother's this morning.

    We have his formal next week.

    Have fun with the kids.

  2. I cannot believe that you are so positive and motivated after all you have been through. I only hope you are not putting on a brave face for your blogger friends. I only wish that there was something that I could help you with or support you with. With love, Carol

  3. School holidays? Bah Humbug! But that's just because with our school holidays starting next week, I know that I will have 7 kids for 12 hours a day, for the next several months. It's just hard finding activities that they ALL can participate in, and the older ones get sick of babies crawling into everything, so there are lots of dramas.
    I need a bigger house and more inside room, or maybe I just need to win Tatts! Maybe we BOTH do! ;-)
    Sp c'mon... when are you going to fill us in on this 'plan'? I hope it works out for you!