Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday already????????

O.K what happened to the week???
I think I missed it as I woke up today and it's already Thursday. I have been so busy at work, starting at 8a.m and not getting home until I get the children of the bus...I am home a little early today though and I will be getting some mowing done....Until then here are the rooms I haven't shown yet.These are the last of the photos to show you . Above is the hall stand I moved into the Family room and below is the new table I bought to replace it.
Below is the entry..I love this room as it is a good size room that you walk in from the front door. The corner cabinet was my Nana's. One day I would love to get it restored, I have thought about painting it white only I think my Mother would kill me....

My bed used to be under this window, so I moved it to under the other window.

My poor bed has nearly had it. Over the years it has been welded a number of times, one morning I am going to wake up on the floor, then I will know it's time to get a new one....

I haven't changed the bathroom or laundry, I did change a cabinet in the kitchen though. Real shame about the bathroom though...I'm sure when it gets it' s clean next week I will be able to arrange something different..
Blessings to all,


  1. You have a lovely home Mandy and you decorate it beautifully.

    Thanks for showing us around.

    Take care,


  2. Mandy I have the same bed without the taller posts. It has been welded too! In some ways I have that bed because I would have been devasted at the time if it couldn't have been welded. Kids and beds and couches. Luckily we have good strong ones atm.

  3. wow Mandy you have been busy, i lov changing things around its like a holiday. you have a beautiful home thanks for the new tour around it :o)

  4. Hi Mandy

    Love the colours you have throughout your home - bright, cheery and friendly - a reflection of you perhaps? It looks really comfortable and welcoming. Well done.

    Cheers - Joolz