Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I awoke to a thunder storm..summer is finely here when you wake up to the sound of heavy rain on the roof...School holidays have started in the Storey household....Tuesday morning by 8 am there was a full blown pool party happening here...Yep the youngest 3 had the music blaring and were out swimming and yahooing.....thank goodness we don't have real close neighbours. Last night they got out the bunks from the caravan and set up in the cubby house and slept in there. They even have put a clothes line up for there togs and towels....
I was dreading these holidays and not looking forward to Christmas at all without Greg, but seeing the little ones playing and enjoying life makes me realize that amidst all the crap and sadness life does go on...Yes things are going to be different, and there will be some sadness but there will also be joy and the sound of children's laughter, not to mention the screaming and yelling from the pool..We will get through this time together, the children have made me realize this...

Today we will get out the Christmas decorations and start to get into the swing of Christmas. We won't be having Christmas here at home this year....This is the one thing none of us want to do, so we are packing up and driving up to Charters Towers to have Christmas with No 1 son and daughter in-law..We are all looking forward to this even though we won't be together as Chloe and Jessica can't come . Chloe works on Christmas eve and Jess is going to Morvan to Lachlans Grandmas for Christmas. The children are looking forward to the Road trip as they put it....I had better learn to change a tire before we go!!!!!! I am looking forward to getting away and seeing my big boy, one thing I realize is you never stop worrying about them do you?
Blessings to all


  1. Big boys are great, and little kids seem to love them. I think that is a fantastic idea for Christmas!

    I hope the "road trip" goes well.

  2. Sounds very strange to be decorating for the holidays in the summertime. I haven't decided yet whether I'll have Christmas here with my family or wrangle an invite out of one of them. I know you'll be missing Greg especially much at this time of year, Mandy, as I will miss Vann. God bless you and your family.

  3. Sounds like good plans. Enjoy your road trip adventure to CT and Christmas there with your kiddos.
    Brianna finished school today so we are (woohoo!) officially on holidays too...although I will work right through Christmas and New Year. Kirby has a summer job working in her aunties giftware shop so thats good for extra spending money.
    I have threatened the girls that if they don't keep their bedrooms and bathroom pristinely tidy and clean, I will be knocking on their doors at 7am for them to get up and clean up! I wonder if my threats will work. Hmmm!
    A big Christmas at our house this year so I am starting to gear up for that, Lord knows it will be here before I know it.

    Cheers - Joolz