Monday, December 28, 2009

Swimming Charters Towers Style.

Now to those that think I have finely lost it letting the kids swim in a river with this sign on it....your probably right!!!!!But before you ring child welfare let me explain. The locals said that there are only crocs in after the flooding as that is the only time they get into the river, I would never have done it other wise but the locals know best..

We had the most amazing day just sitting along the river watching the children swimming, running and having so much fun. Big brother David even taught Robbie how to drive the boat and after that he and Cassie were of checking the yabbie pots every couple of minutes.
Fishing was done and even I through in a line...Mind you I was stuck in the boat on the other side with David and Robbie so there wasn't a lot of choice!!!You can see in this picture below just how big the Burdekin River is..This is only a 10 min drive from David and Karen's house....hmmm I'd love to have this at my doorstep.

This was a day of memory building that the kids won't forget in a hurry, lazy relaxed and perfect. Tomorrow we will be heading to Townsvile across to Maggie Island then slowly make our way home..we are going to follow the coast home and camp along the way..I am hoping that we can get some camping sites as it is the holiday season here..We can always camp in National parks if we need to..

I will blog again from the road, until then