Friday, January 8, 2010


We are home....... the road trip is over......for now. I know there will be more. As we are unpacking we are talking about where we are going next? Who is up for a visit may-be I could do a blogger road trip???and met some of you? We ended up coming straight home from Yeppoon as the weather turned nasty, we got rained out and every-thing got wet...I just need to do a few minor adjustments for wet weather and we will be fine.Yesterday was Robbie's 12th Birthday.
He is growing into such a capable young man, but is growing way to fast. We went out for tea last night for his B/day in Toowoomba which was nice.Happy Birthday Robertson seems like yesterday that you were born in the bathroom here at home, delivered by your Dad..
Today I will get out into the garden and have a look at what's been happening since I've been gone. It is so green all around which was so nice to come home to...
By for now


  1. Hi Mandy
    Bet it was good to get home, even after such a good time away. Unpacking is the worst, though, isn't it?

    OMG! You had a home delivery? That would freak me out - i guess you had no choice! Happy birthday Robbie!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Happy Birthday to Robbie!
    You're one brave woman to deliver a baby at home! Don't think I could have done that!

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday Mandy. Lucy was born at home and nearly in the bathroom I was able to just make it to the bed, it's the only thing she has done fast in her life lol, her father delivered her. Your always welcomed here if you are ever on the Sunshine Coast give me a yell.