Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet my visitors......

First meet the girls...Yamane, Sarsuki & Orie
Now Meet the boys..... Naoya, Kazuhei & Yoshihiro..The girls went home Sunday at 8am and the boys got here at 11am...Yes it is crazy busy around here, but a good busy.We have a break for a few days then we get the next visitors' William spying on the boys in there room to see what they are up to. Never know what you can learn....

I thought I would show you my workshop and where I spend alot of my time these days. Now if you were thinking of a nice clean shop I am about to disappoint you.

Just a massive shed with my desk in a corner for the office. O and the fan is my air conditioning not real good for our hot weather we have. Work has been very busy which is good, and I am learning more every day..

Tomorrow we will be busy covering school books and getting them all organized...It won't be long and all the children will be back at school..Thank you for the wonderful comments and well wishes for Alanah...


  1. I thought I had it tough in my office. You need A/C, woman! I would spontaneously combust! Lol!
    And all those extra bodies at your house - how cool. Do they speak any English? How did you come to host them?

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Yes, I'm wondering the same as Joolzmac. My homestay students stay much longer, so what kind of program are these students in? Are they high school? college?

  3. I hope everything went well with the books. Hopefully it is easier with no one in Year 12. My Grade 3 (wow is that right?) girl is having her own pencil case this year, fingers crossed.