Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still in Yeppoon..

and loving it!!!!!!! yes I know I have to go home some time, but look at that sky and the blue water, can you see why I'm loving it.

Below is the whistling ship at Emu Point, this is where these photos are taken. Yesterday we went for a drive to check out the sites. The road here winds around the sea with great views around every bend which makes driving quite hard.
Tomorrow we are heading to Rainbow beach and staying there for Robbie's birthday on Thursday. The weather is supposed to get bad so we will see what happens. I would hate to have to go home just yet, but if bad weather sets in that's what we'll have to do.
Below is Cassie, Robbie and William getting some early morning fishing in, Greg would be very proud of Robbie as he had to buy the hooks and gear to set up the rods and did a great job. He had a good fishing teacher in his Dad. It's moments like this I realize how much we miss Greg as he would be of fishing all day with the kids, but he wouldn't have been camping that's for sure.

This fishing hole is not far from our camp site so I don't have to sit there with them all the time. Well I am going to drop by and have a quick read of some friends while I have the lap top charging..Thank you for all the well wishes for the new year, I know that it will be a good one.
Blessings Mandy


  1. Beautiful pictures! Good looking subjects (people)! And I'm jealous as I look out the window to wet, grey skies! :-)

  2. It is such a beautiful sight, I probably wouldn't be wanting to go home either Mandy.
    hugs deb

  3. I notice there is no Alanah in the fishing picture....

  4. I have been to Yeppon as I used to live in Gladstone... did they catch any fish...???
    Cath Ü