Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A very long week-end.....

What a great long week end we have had here in the Storey household.Let me start with Friday......Getting my hair done is not something I do often, I'm more one of those cut it your self type gals, but when I do, I do it well....Imagine fire engine red with blond foils...yep your getting the picture...I new when my Mum walked into the hair dressers by the loud ggggaaaassssppppp or was it muffled laughter still not sure....The rest of the day was spent shopping with the occasional " It sure is red isn't it Mandy" comment every time we walked into the sun...The evening was finished of with wine on the deck, what I call a perfect day....Mum stayed until Sunday Morning, then it was time to pick up the Japanese students....These girls were fun with a capital F, they fit right in with the family and we all had such a good time.Australia Day was spent around the pool and just enjoying the day. A nice roast and veges for tea to finish the day with and then off to bed....
Our Japanese girls left at 7.30 this morning to head of to Sea World then they head back to Japan at the end of the week..
Cassie, Robbie and Will started school again today, looking back over the last eight weeks of summer holidays we have experienced alot and grown closer together.They enjoyed their first day back at school though and I think I missed them more then they missed me.

Alanah's pass port arrived today(sob)so we have booked her ticket for next Wednesday 30th (sob,sob) One week that is all I have my girl for, so much to do to get her ready for this amazing adventure...Did I mention one week, my goodness she will nearly be there this time next week. I have told her she needs to start a blog so we can keep up with all she is doing over there...I hope she does.....

I have even managed to get some gardening done this week-end...and look what I found at the back of the chicken pen...My passion fruit vine heavy with fruit..
So now you can see why i haven't blogged for a while busy, busy...But life is settling down now and getting back to normal....if I new what normal was.
I am going to see what you have been up to these last few days..


  1. Can't wait to see a picture of that red hair! I grew up in Michigan - about a stone's throw across the river from Ontario. It's a beautiful place, cold though. Very cold in the winter.

  2. I love the children in their school uniforms. It seems like I've already seen them in an old Australian classic film

    In the States the children don't wear school uniforms on the whole. I wish they did.


  3. Next Wednesday is a big day. In our house my husband is travelling to help our "chicken that left the nest" with O week at uni and selecting his final unit.

    School doesn't start here until Monday, with O week. Noticed only three in your photo this year, which will be the same here, so strange. Not sure if I will take one though.

    NSW started too, we had to pick over what was left of the school bags and found a nice one with butterflies, and since we have monarch catapillars at the moment I thought that was nice.

    Have a good week, hope everything falls into place well.

  4. A picture of the red hair please! How proud you must be that you and Greg raised such a confident motivated daughter in Alana. I promise you the time will go quickly and I can't help but think what a great and exciting experience for Alana. You have all been through so much over the last few years that changes like this will keep you going forward. Take care, Carol

  5. It's so cold here. I enjoy seeing the pics of you and your family and all your warm weather activities.