Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alanah is there......

Bye Alanah....
Look at that smile would you, here's a girl that knows want she wants...
Alanah rang at 2:50p.m today which is 11:50 am her time as she is 15 hours behind us. All is well and she is safe at Will and Sarah's in Canada. All went well and she had a good trip over there, I'll ring her in a few days to see how she is going...O! and Alanah we all agree you should start a blog so we can keep up with all you are doing....Meanwhile back in the real world......white ants....that's right those silent destroyers....My family room has had a little trouble with them and there are walls and window trims being replaced. The whole house is in a mess but for a good reason, as it is something that has to be done..
The window and door trims had been done in pine and the white ants seemed to enjoy it. Thankfully none of the original house has been touched just the family room we added on about 10 years ago.Look at the bright side this room did need a face lift as is was looking tired and worn.. I have decided to close in the far window as that is the spare room and will give alot more privacy. I do love the colour of this room though so will probably paint it a similar colour to what it is now. I have had new curtain material sitting in the sewing room for ages so I'll get in and make them up.

Work is going well I have had a couple of keen lookers so keep those prayers going for the workshop to sell. Sales are picking up and last month was the best month we have had in the last 12 months. I am still finding doing the wages a challenge though, there has to be a simpler way to do them...I will ask my I.T. lady when she comes next week to do the tax.
So life is moving on slowly here and we just take one day at a time, changes left right and centre, but life is good isn't it...


  1. Woke up this morning with you on my mind, Mandy. I had a mini meltdown yesterday when I heard a song that we played at Vann's memorial. Had a good cry, then was ok again. I hope you are doing well, adjusting to everything. Have a great day (or I guess evening for you).

  2. Thanks Susan...Not only did Alanah leave on Wednesday but it also marked 5 mths since Greg has been gone...I now what you mean though about mini meltdowns...I think we need them to help us move on, it's just so dam hard some days isn't it....I hope your doing O.K I often think of you and send a prayer knowing what you are fealing,
    Blessings Mandy

  3. Hello Mum, it is Will here in Canada. Your daughter is a sweet heart and yes she is here safe and sound and adjusting very nicely. Our daughters have taken quite a shining to her, especially Hannah (the smotherer). I wish we had a camera with us when Alanah took her first breath of fresh Canadian -1 degree celsius air. Her expression was priceless to say the least. Just thought I would say hello and also say Thank You for the wonderful gifts that you sent with Alanah. We are all looking forward to meeting you some day in the future at the Toronto Airport.

  4. Hi Mandy.

    I am glad Alanah is going well. I suppose the hardest thing is the cold but I am guessing her family will keep her warm as toast.

    We have baits at our newer house for white ants. They set them around the house.

    My Grandma did an extension in the 60s and the same thing happened to her. Hope you enjoy your new look room!

  5. Glad Alanah got there safely, and I'll say a prayer that your workshop sells + I meant to post the other day and say I love your new hair do - its gorgeous!

  6. Mandy, what a great comment from Will in Canada and how good of him to send one so soon? This must put your mind at rest. Alanah will have a wonderful time. Sit back and enjoy the fact that you are doing a great job and Greg would (is) so proud of you. Carol

  7. Hi Mum. (Or should I say Mom)
    Thank you for the above posts, very lovely. It isnt so cold here today, maybe -2, im not quite sure. I havent seen snow fall as yet but there is snow covering the grounds. I am at home looking after the girls by myself for a little time today for the first time. My phone works here and I sent you a text. I will call you tonight our time and around 7sh in the morning your time.
    I love you alot and miss you. xoxo

  8. Hi Will thanks for the hello...I can well imagine Alanah's face..hhaha...So nice of you to leave a message, Alanah loves the girls she said and I am so pleased they all get on. I am so glad I have this blog as Alanah can keep up with whats happening at home...