Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The House of Horrors.....

From this..................To this.............
Yep the whole room has been ripped out, every day when I get home there is more bad news and mess..The good news though is the white ants have not touched the original part of the house only this back extension...So when it is all finished there will be no damage to the house at all it will be like new again....I just have to keep telling my self this as the cost goes up...As the builder said this is as bad as it will get, from now on it will start to get rebuilt...

At times though I have felt like packing up and moving....sell the lot and start again, it is very tempting , so any-one want to by a farm with a renovators delight...

O.K enough of that lets talk about food.....
We have decided to take a world food that is..

Miso soup
We started in India with Lamb Korma ymmmmm. Last night was Japanese, we didn't do the sushi thing as we eat that often. Instead we started with Miso soup followed by Chicken Yakatori (below)now on the plate you can see some white blobs...I forget what they are called as the packet is all in Japanese. Our last lot of students brought them over with them, you boil them for about 7mins and have them with soy sauce and sugar. They went well with the chicken. Tonight we are heading over to Germany for Spinach Strudel..This travelling was the children's idea and we are having fun looking for food to make from different countries...

Today I'm heading to work as the spare parts man is away and I have been manning that as well this week. Learning lots any way, now know the difference between an regulator and starter motor....impressive ay!



  1. Mandy it is getting scary. Hopefully it won't stay that way long.

    Is the plate at the bottom Johnson? It is very pretty.

  2. Glad to hear that things will start to improve with the house. The nice part for you, designing and redecorating. I look forward to watching. Your adventure in food sounds like fun, I don't know about those white blobs though. Congratulations on your achievements at work.

  3. Taking a world trip via food is a great idea! :-)

  4. oh Mandy what fun all that food I love different food, the good and the uhmm not so good, like those white blobs, yep scary alright. Oh no your lovely sunroom what a bumemr. How are you getting on without Alanah?

  5. I would be freaking out if that was my sunroom! I hope it is fixable and not too costly.
    Love the food adventures - what a great way to explore the globe with the kids. What does Canada have as a national dish apart from maple syrup?
    Hope Alanah is going well there. Is she going to blog?

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Looking good Mum. I plan on starting my blog up again this week and changing the name to something relating on what I'm doing now. Down stairs looks horrible though, you're right on saying house of horrors.
    Happy valentines day! xx
    Love alanah.