Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm getting soft....

This is Molly,she is supposed to be my dog but the truth is she was very much Greg's dog. Loved to be on the ute with him and while he was sick she just sat with him, but I digress.Who ever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, didn't know what he was talking about...Molly has had a few friends to play.... now I don't approve of these friends as they don't know there boundaries and continue to jump the fence....Hmmmm Molly thought I should try this and she did again and again....Now when ever we go out we have to lock her on the veranda other wise she will jump the fence and try to catch cars as they drive by....This has worked fine and she has been happy chewing the furniture out there.
But lately I have been finding dog hair on the floor and even on the couch...Now I knew the dog wasn't inside so I couldn't work it out..................that is until Wednesday morning when I woke up to what I thought was the kids running up and down the hallway. When they jumped on the bed I wasn't happy so I opened my eyes to see Molly looking back at me...O.K I'm thinking I've seen" Marley and me" and this is rather cute....but how is she getting in the house I'm not crazy enough to let her in the house....Back out to the veranda only for her to come straight back again.........Yep you got it she is fitting through the cat she fits that butt through I don't know...But I'm thinking better in the house than chasing cars........So yep I'm getting old soft and dotery......sighhhhhhhhhh...but she is cute.

The above photo is the crossings going over, only this photo was taken 24 hrs after the first downpour....still more rain to come.....
Enjoy your week end all, we have a full week end planned that I will share latter on. until the
Blessings Mandy


  1. She must be missing Greg an awful lot! I don't blame you for going soft. You're both good for each other!

  2. Sweet dog but sounds very mischeivous!

    So how is Alanah doing and how are you and the kids and coping with her gone?

    I have another week then Kirby packs up and heads back to the city for Uni. Unfortunately, moving in with her girlfriend is going to have it's ups and downs. The friend is having second thoughts on Uni and moving away from home (= tough time,tears and tantrums)and Kirby is feeling abandoned. Not sure how that relationship will pan out. Kirby basically spent last year all alone in the big city (because she had shitty flat mates) and she was really looking forward to having a friend share her flat. Stay tuned as I'm sure there will be tears!
    Gee, what would life be like if there was no drama?

    Hope your weekend is restful,

    Cheers - Joolz