Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lots of lovely rain....

80mls worth since Saturday, we haven't had this type of rain in along time. Last night it rained so hard I dreamt the creeks came down, so at 5 am I am outside to see if it they had......they hadn't.. Above is my peach tree in October after the last lot of rain, and below you can see how much it has grown in four months. The flowers are long gone around the bottom and I'm planting herbs instead. This back yard is always green so I think that is why the peach tree is doing so well out there, The hill behind sends alot of water down and it always soaks in well.
Every-thing is just so lush and green and wet. Yesterday was spent doing lots of weeding in between showers and digging the edges..I also managed to get the yard all mowed before the first storm hit at lunch time. It hasn't rained since 5 am but it is looking promising...

The grass has quickly grown back with the rain and there is only a few dirt spots left, they will soon fill in as well. The fruit trees are all doing well, I need to clear the grass away from them as you can see below. Then I will give them a good feed and mulch..I think a trip to bunnings may be on the agenda today..

Today is going to be a quiet day at home just resting and spending time together, it is the type of weather when you want to snuggle with a good book, as it is to wet to dig in the garden just yet.
Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you are getting the much needed rain as well,


  1. Hello Mandy, I have just caught up with all your news. Time has been slipping away from me lately and I haven't been on here much.

    Well done to Alannah, I bet you are missing her though. She will have a ball.

    We haven't had much rain down this way, got all the humidity but nothing else, it all went north east of us.

    Your place is looking so nice and green, my place is still dry and barren. I can only dream of living in a lovely green piece of Aussie.

    Take care of you and yours,

  2. Hi Mandy your garden looks lovely and green, We could do with some more rain down here in South Australia,we havent had a good down poor for awhile.

  3. Sure wish I could send you some of our Seattle rain! We have more than enough. Well, I guess your part of Aussie doesn't need it as much as other parts.

    That little peach tree really took off--a sure sign it likes where it's planted!

    Blessings to you,
    Homestay Mama