Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NO more planning....

So where does the time keep going????? Every post I seem to say things will be back to normal, well I have learnt something kayos is normal. Try not to plan to much and all will run according to the plan or no plan as in my case. The one thing I do know and that is tomorrow Alanah will leave...
We are all past the weeping stage now and excitement levels are high...We had the big going away party Saturday night...Lots of family friends and 18 yr old girls...We had such a lovely time all being together and Alanah was at her best soon as the whole night was about her (hahaha) She was given a $1500 visa card by the family, so that will get her some good winter clothes when she gets to Canada. We head out to the airport in Brisbane nice and early tomorrow, the younger children have the day of school to come as well..Will show photos in a few days...

Now for those of you wanting to see the new hair colour....what do you think, it was dark in this photo so in the sun it is much brighter..
We have had some wonderful soaking rain since Saturday night80mls in all...Every-thing is greening up again and lots of little seedlings are popping there heads through...Later on today I will get out into the garden and do some weeding.....until then I will help Alanah get the last of her gear organized.
Blessings to all


  1. Love the hair - it's so shiny, too. Good luck to Alanah!

  2. To Alanah

    Have the absolute best time in Canada. Make good use of your time and see as much of Canada as possible when you can. This is an incredible opportunity for you which will create lifetime memories and friendships. Have fun, fun, FUN!!! Keep safe and I hope you open a blog so we can keep track of your nannying adventures.

    Blessings to you, Joolz

    To Mandy
    Love the new DO! :)


  3. The hair looks great, new look, new you! Carol

  4. Love your hair, it looks great on you. Good Luck
    to Alanah on her new adventure.

  5. How wonderful about the party and the money. That's great.

    Best wishes on your trip Allanah.