Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Duchess story.....

I have a duchess or a dressing table,as it is called by many names, but I have one!
So you are wondering what the big deal is. I have never had one since I have had daughters. Now for those of you with daughters probably have an understanding of this. As each daughter grew into her own bedroom I would have to get them a duchess. Over the years I found some lovely ones at the second hand shops.
This one is my favorite though. It needs a paint job but that is O.K. I have a draw for every thing now and all is organized. I even have a draw for my jewelery (below) under this is all my bangles. What can I say I love accessories.

What I don't have though is a bed!!!!!!!!!!!
While moving the furniture around I pulled on my bed and BANG...It was a metal four poster. Greg had welded this bed up many times over the years when we would end up on the floor. I refused to part with it, this time I have no choice.

But I do have a duchess and we can't have every thing. Making it is a whole other story but if any one asks I am having a Japanese phase and sleeping on the
Well must get to work as it is getting late, have a great day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finished projects

The Easter holidays are over for another year, the children are back at school today and all is quiet on the home front. This morning I have been busy cleaning floors and scrubbing mats, how can they get so dirty I wonder? Tomorrow is back to work, I have enjoyed spending more time at home and a slower pace.. May be the business will sell, keep your fingers crossed as it has been a long slow process. I have had a few interested people, but it is a bad time to be trying to sell. It will happen when it is meant to.
Meanwhile I have got the T.V cabinet painted and I love it..After cleaning all the old DVDs and videos out I even have some spare shelves in there. This little corner of the family room is a work in progress, the oars No 1 son gave to me and I have been looking for the right place to put them, I think I've found it..As you know I am not a fan of fishing but Greg loved it, so the oars remind me of both David and Greg.
I got the words from Loot. Family, Friends, Relax, how important are those 3 words and that is what this room is about. Relaxing with family and friends.
There is a crispness to the air today, so I am going to do some baking and if there is time dig up the vege garden as I should be getting seedlings in by now...
Have a good Monday,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Friends & Good Times...

That is what Angie and Steve are and what they showed me......Thank you..

More amazing buildings around Armidale.

At the Uni there is this this building, could you imagine living here 100 odd years ago.... I could. The little photo was a orphanage and is now 2 homes I think..

This is Angie's kitchen....I kid you not it is stuck in the retro and full off loveliness.

Yes this is her stove..

Jeremie and Layla having a wonderful time swimming.

Sweet babies.

Layla was in love with the pillow and Will for a while too.

I think I am a little in love with Armidale. Autumn there is so pretty, leaves all gold, red and brown. The streets are lined with trees and the cottages and gardens ......mmmmmmm.
Blessings to all

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Trip Away....

I have just spent the last five days in Armidale....So many beautiful places to see. Armidale is such a pretty town and so much history there, and the houses and buildings that we saw.
This is Saumarez House (above) and below is the steam heated glass house, more about this wonder full house later.

There were the most amazing gardens around this old homestead as well, below is my friend Angie and I in" Marys Garden".

We all went to see Angie and Steven and there wonderful two children in Armidale and they gave us the best time and took us to amazing swimming holes.

I will share more photos later on in the week, for now I need to get to bed...A bath would be nice, but we have come home to an empty tank, don't know what has happened their...So it is a bush bath for us tonight, lucky we have only sat in the car driving all day...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lovin the wooden floors.....

I am loving these wooden floors, have I already said that?????Well I am....How I wish I had have taken a before photo of the old lino in here, never mind. The hole is all fixed and mended now and looking good. I am thinking of painting the floor boards for the time being until I can afford to redo the bathroom. I also thought about painting the vanity, now seeing it here I am going to. It is looking very tired and worn and needs a face lift (like me)
The below photo is taken sitting on the little blue chair . This is all the floor coverings I pulled up through to the spare room. They will look stunning when they are sanded and stained...But until then I am lovin them the way they are, a little rustic....

I promise no more floor photos, as I have no floor coverings left to pull up any way. So lets move onto painting shall we...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A garden tour....

I love this dovecote, Dad made it for Mum and it sits in this round garden at the side.
This is the Bar-B-Que shed that Dad made, there is a theme here, Dad can do any-thing he puts his mind to.
When Mum and Dad moved to this block there was no gardens at all. Mum has done all the planting herself and every time I go to visit the garden has grown a bit more.

Nothing like spending time with your Mum to make you feel better is there? It was just what I needed, I am over feeling sorry for myself.....In fact today I have been busy..First I had to plant all the cuttings and plants I bought home from Mums and then..........

Thought I wreck the bathroom floor...

There is something therapeutic about ripping out old floor coverings. The old lino in my B/room was disgusting to say the least..The floor boards were water damaged in some areas and needed ripping out, that is why there is gaping holes in the floor.
But all is Good as the builder is putting the new ones in as we speak...I am going to paint the floor white to give the room a bit off a lift.
Yes that is the plumbing under the house you can see. I love school holidays as I always seem to get so much done.
Well off to see what else I can wreak I mean fix..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings......

Who said there is no Easter he is at the Mulgowie markets on Saturday morning. Will and Robbie were in there making sure they didn't miss out on any eggs.
This has to be the prettiest market I have been to in a long time, the setting is just so lovely and peaceful.
Not that you would know it from these photos, there are children running every where as there was an Easter Egg hunt..

Good Friday was spent with the Storey clan..We were to go out fishing but we had had quite a bit of rain and we couldn't get to the creek.

Never mind every one came to my place and we had a wonderful day.

The boys all decided to go down to our creek and look for yabbies. There is still a nice stream running down there. A lovely walk we had up the creek, all bare foot of course.

This is the biggest one they caught, lots of attention given to it and yes when they got home they cooked them up and ate them.....Not me though.....
Today we went to church and then had fish and chips at the park for a treat, as there was only Robbie, Will and I as Cassie was at Easter fest all week-end..I have to admit that it has been a sad lonely day, I have missed my Love and my children that are all away..But life has to go on and we have enjoyed our Easter activities..Tomorrow we are off to visit my Mum and Dad out at Cooyar....But first I must go and see what ya all did for Easter..