Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Trip Away....

I have just spent the last five days in Armidale....So many beautiful places to see. Armidale is such a pretty town and so much history there, and the houses and buildings that we saw.
This is Saumarez House (above) and below is the steam heated glass house, more about this wonder full house later.

There were the most amazing gardens around this old homestead as well, below is my friend Angie and I in" Marys Garden".

We all went to see Angie and Steven and there wonderful two children in Armidale and they gave us the best time and took us to amazing swimming holes.

I will share more photos later on in the week, for now I need to get to bed...A bath would be nice, but we have come home to an empty tank, don't know what has happened their...So it is a bush bath for us tonight, lucky we have only sat in the car driving all day...


  1. Good to hear you had such a lovely five day break. The photos are gorgeous.
    We came by there on Easter Monday but didn't stop in.
    Hugs - Jan

  2. What a nice trip! Colors are turning, fall is on it's way...while here in USA, spring is popping out all over and we are so glad as it's been a very cold winter. Looks like you had a good time. I'm so glad you got to get away.


  3. looks Gorgeous Mandy...lovely time of year too..Glad you had a nice break

  4. Mandy, When I saw that first photo before I even read your post I thought that looks like somewhere in Armidale. I grew up in Armidale and lately I am feeling a bit homesick although it's been many years since I lived there, there is nothing like your hometown. Actually my last visit there we went to Saumarez House. One of my friends from school was a descendant of the White family. Thanks for bringing back some memories. Im so glad you enjoyed your trip there I will be looking forward to seeing some more photos, Armidale is so pretty in Autumn.

  5. Armidale is a lovely town and quiet cool at this time of year. Autumn is pretty in Armidale with all the trees. Glad you had a good break

  6. wow it's autumn in armidale already what amazing colours in those leaves. So when are ya moving?? ha ha or are you dreaming, we've done it heaps, the kids just laugh now. hey are my kids your kids!!!!!