Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enjoying Autumn.....

I am enjoying the cooler days, makes gardening a pleasure doesn't it. I have even decided to enjoy all the leaves that keep dropping as soon as I rake them up. This area down the side of the house seems like it hasn't been leaf free for ages...Mornings are getting harder to go to work, after I drop the children at the bus I either go out to the garden or if it is windy and cold I sit in my wonderful sitting room... This is the first winter this room has been used as a sitting room, remember it was the dinning room...It gets all the morning sun and on cold mornings I sit here with my cuppa and knitting...So getting to work later and later, never mind...
Some exciting news around here............Alanah is coming home.............she arrives on the 28th of this month..So this week will be spent getting her room ready .....A certain sister that refuses to admit that she has missed her is going down to get Alanah from the airport....I think that may be all 3 are going to meet her....

Well I had better get to work, boy it is cold in the work shop, would rather be home gardening or knitting...
Blessings to all


  1. your New Sunroom looks very Inviting..can see why you like to sit there of a morning...Good News on having another one come home...Enjoy.

  2. that sun room looks so inviting especially on these cool mornings:0)

  3. Your sitting room looks warm & cosy & reminds me of my home(so of course I love it) Wishing Alanah a safe trip home to her family.

  4. oh id lov to spend a morning in your sitting room sipping tea & having a chat.

  5. Oh your sun room looks so inviting! Perfect for sitting in the sun to knit and enjoy that "cuppa!"