Friday, May 21, 2010

A Quiet Friday.................

Today it is raining....Not the heavy kind just a steady misty shower. The kind of Autumn days that I like.....So I have the fire roaring and the house is warm and smells like toast....After all the house work work is done I am going to sit and do some more of this (knitting) I just know that it will be a slow day and I am going to enjoy every moment of it.....
I do have to go to Gatton later to look at mattresses as I have bought a new bed and now need a mattress for it....The price of them though!!!!!!!!!! I also will do my grocery shopping in Gatton. If the rain keeps up there will be no soccer tomorrow as the council will close the can here the disappointment in my voice at having another day home tomorrow....Keep that rain a coming is all I can say..
I hope you all enjoy your weekend what ever weather comes your way...


  1. You mean old Mum! Fancy not wanting to go to soccer when it's raining! Lol!
    Brianna got her P's yesterday so she can drive herself to netball. The thought crossed my mind that I don't need to go each Saturday now. Then I thought, that's mean because I always went to Kirby's games.
    So off to netball I will go!
    Absolutely freezing here this morning, it was so foggy and about zip degrees at 6.30am - stoke that fire and put on another casserole and a pot of soup! Yay!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Your scarf is pretty, Mandy. Sitting by the fire, knitting....sure looks cozy!


  3. That does look cosy, we do not have any heating on as yet..... and it has been showering.
    Hope the rain continues and you have a lovely weekend.

  4. I Miss our wood fires...Love that kinda day...Enjoy.!

  5. I too sat by the fire last night and knitted. I'm up to a tricky bit and as I'm still a learner I will have to stop until I can get some help.

  6. What a lovely cosy room just right to sit and do some knotting

  7. Oops sorry, I meant knitting, I am using a smaller keyboard and keep hitting the wrong keys :)x

  8. I love drizzly autumn days too. Unfortunately, over here, I have to wait four more months to have one.