Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello again.......

Life has been a little busy here in the Storey household....just like yours I'm sure. Every one I talk to has the same complaint....life is too busy and there is not enough hours in the day to fit it all in...Well school holidays have started here for the next 3 weeks....This always forces me to slow down and spend more time at home with the children. The boys are wanting to go fishing....this time of the year we always went on our family holiday with Greg's family fishing....I never did enjoy going to the coast in winter but it was Greg's holiday and they all enjoyed fishing...So Robbie, Will Cassie and I are going to go to good old Caloundra for a couple of nights....I am hoping I won't have to do to much fishing as their Uncles will take them out..but then again sitting on the boardwalk watching them all fish will be relaxing....( OK now I know I need a holiday when I am thinking that fishing will be relaxing)
Last week I had my eldest daughter home for a few days...Girl time..... it was so nice having all four of my daughters here with me....lots of laughter and stories were told..Having family around really is the best medicine for me......Now all I need to do is to get No 1 son home for a visit....

I am looking forward to catching up on my favourite blogs while I am away..as the only computer I have been near in the last couple of weeks is the one at the workshop...

I will blog from the beach about all the fish we are catching......I mean they will be catching....But now I have to go and find fishing rods and tackle boxes......also explain to William that.... no, we are not taking the boat to Caloundra....... yes, I know Daddy always did....... and no, I don't know how to drive a boat......... yes, I am sure that you and Robbie could drive it, you are just not allowed to......Did I say relaxing.....who am I kidding....



  1. Well I do hope it is a relaxing time for you... after you get everything sorted out and nothing forgotten... smile..
    Yes wonderful to have family around you.
    Love and Blessings

  2. You sound exhausted before you've even left Mandy-lol. Hoping you do have a lovely relaxing break, I am sure the kids will love it no matter what happens. Love photo of you and your daughter.
    hugs Deb

  3. Hope you have a Lovely few days away...Caloundra is the place to do just that...

  4. oh my Mandy the things you get yourself into to!! It will be fun don't worry and the uncles I am sure will step in and take the boys fishing enjoy the boardwalk and read and realax love

  5. Mandy have a lovely holiday and enjoy your time on the Sunshine Coast.