Friday, July 30, 2010

My internet has been down now for awhile and it looks like ages untill I get it back on..

I am updating my blog at work, I am feeling like this cat, wide eyed and needing a break.... ha just thought it was a cute photo.

Looking forward to getting back to blogging when all is up and running


Thursday, July 15, 2010


School holidays are nearly all over.
We have been all busy having a good time and working in between.
So for a treat here is the last 3 weeks in picture form. Cassie got her ears pierced...

Lots of eating out.....

and I got my bus is the first day that I do the local bus run....the kids are totally embarrassed by me.....

It was too cold to go swimming on the beach so lots of
beach art instead.....

Williams big news is he has finally lost his two front teeth....
So that has been the school holidays at the Storey household....
How was yours??????