Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy In The Garden..............

I have been busy in the garden over the weekend, there is always lots to do. We have also had alot of rain so it has been a good time to transplant and get the weeding done.
I had to get all the veranda stumps replaced as they were all rusted through. Needless to say between the rain and bobcat the garden was a real mess I was able to transplant the roses and saliva's that were there. I decided to plant a hedge of orange blossoms around the stumps, as they won't need much watering. The bore water is what rusted the stumps so I wanted something that won't need alot of water. The garden is looking so lush and green at the moment. In the background you can see my Echeuim which is about to flower for the first time. At the moment mowing is a full time job. I bought myself a catcher for my ride on mower for my birthday and it makes it a lot easier, no more raking and now I will have plenty of mulch.

Below is the dinning room which is going to become my bedroom, to the left is the door to my soon to be en suite and the right is the door to my walk in robe. I will start painting the walk in robe and office this weekend. Hopefully I will be in this time next month. I am enjoying the renovations and getting my hands dirty, it is surprising what you can do when you put your mind to it. I am not doing it on my own of course I am just the helper.

Don't my floors look good, Ok I keep going on about them but really I am loving them humor me please.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinning Room to Bedroom................

Here are some renovation photos, I will try to get some more for you.
Below is what is now the dinning room, well this is going to become my bedroom. I am also going to have a ensuite and walk in robe... But first the floors...
After five years of having the carpet ripped up I finally got the floor boards polished, they look so good am wondering why it took me so long!Above and below is Williams bed room, you can see how great they turned out. I am so happy with the whole lot.

I will try to explain the renovations I am doing..
Below is the office and spare bedroom as it used to be...
Now this is the office nook, to be painted and the book shelves to go up. We don't need a big office as every one uses there lap tops in there rooms.

The door way into the spare bedroom is now all boarded up and the spare room is going to be my new bathroom :)

Now between the office and spare room is this little room now witch will become my walk in robe. Confused yet?????

I have a plan you will have to wait to see though....

Sorry about the photos they were taken on my phone I remembered to get some batteries for my camera so I will get some updated ones.
\I have taken my laptop to work and am blogging here, so now I am going to visit some of you while it is quiet....

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well I had the Internet connected for two days and then problems......This time it is just a new connection but the crazy part is they can't come and do it until the 2nd November. Aghhhhh it is driving me crazy....
I am blogging at work and intend to until I am back online at home. I wont have many photos though but we will get there.
Above is a photo I found when I was looking at pressed metal panels. This is what I am thinking of putting in my new bathroom. I love the look of the pressed metal and think it will look the part in my house, what do you think?
Tomorrow I will try to remember to bring in some photos of what I am doing at home. I am very excited about getting a new bathroom and am enjoying putting it all together.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back Online

Two long months....
That is how long my Internet has been down. I have missed blogging so much....... I will be spending the next week catching up on all my favourite blogs.
Things have been busy in the Storey household...
We have had weddings


Fun in the park

And camping at the beach. This was the best part of the last two months...We went camping at Coolum and we all loved it.

I am also getting a lot of renovations done at the moment, more about that to come.
I will be back blogging regularly again.
Now I am of to visit you all