Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy In The Garden..............

I have been busy in the garden over the weekend, there is always lots to do. We have also had alot of rain so it has been a good time to transplant and get the weeding done.
I had to get all the veranda stumps replaced as they were all rusted through. Needless to say between the rain and bobcat the garden was a real mess I was able to transplant the roses and saliva's that were there. I decided to plant a hedge of orange blossoms around the stumps, as they won't need much watering. The bore water is what rusted the stumps so I wanted something that won't need alot of water. The garden is looking so lush and green at the moment. In the background you can see my Echeuim which is about to flower for the first time. At the moment mowing is a full time job. I bought myself a catcher for my ride on mower for my birthday and it makes it a lot easier, no more raking and now I will have plenty of mulch.

Below is the dinning room which is going to become my bedroom, to the left is the door to my soon to be en suite and the right is the door to my walk in robe. I will start painting the walk in robe and office this weekend. Hopefully I will be in this time next month. I am enjoying the renovations and getting my hands dirty, it is surprising what you can do when you put your mind to it. I am not doing it on my own of course I am just the helper.

Don't my floors look good, Ok I keep going on about them but really I am loving them humor me please.


  1. Lovely to hear from you...Your Gardens are a Credit to You..they are Beautiful..Love the sound of your new Bedroom..will be watching your progress...
    take care

  2. Great that you give importance to your garden to improve and remain clean, you can perhaps use these wind spinners to be able increases the beauty of the garden.

  3. Everything is looking just lovely inside and out, you are doing a great job,go on all you like I love them too. Carole cc

  4. Glad you can get into your garden, Mandy, which is looking terrific. We have had so much rain, and wild storms the last couple of days, a lot needs doing.

    Yes, so pleased for you about your renovations, love hearing about them.

    Have a good week, Love Jan

  5. Hi Mandy,
    Everything is looking fantastic! Looking forward to seeing your new bedroom too. Like they say, change is as good as a holiday and by gee you sure are having a swell trip!! I'm enjoying the postcards!

  6. The floors are beautiful. I've finally been able to get to see you - for some reason Old Dairy wasn't loading for me. I kept thinking you were taking some time off.