Thursday, November 18, 2010


Every day collecting eggs here is a adventure.....Sometimes Robbie comes in with huge eggs amidst the normal sized ones.....But this week we have been getting the tiniest eggs we have ever seen here at The Old Dairy. The are so darn cute , the boys show them to every-one that drops by.
We are getting 12 eggs a day out of 15 chooks, we are not sure which one has started to lay as we haven't got any new chooks since August last year. I remember this as is was the last thing Greg I did together before he went into hospital...So either one chook is a late starter or may-be there is a pigeon laying in there...haha...
We have had 80mls of rain over night....The pool is full to over flowing, not that you can see it well as the hedge is growing so well up and around it. I think I need to give it a hair cut...My drive way below is a pond, this is with the water draining away to the gutter....

I have spent the last 2 days watering because it got so dry, but now every thing will pick up,as they were all so thirsty. Thursday today so am of to work to do wages and then the bus run this evening, have been doing the run a little bit more lately so makes for a busy day..
Enjoy your day, as I am going to enjoy the rain.

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  1. Good ol' Spring rains!
    What cute little eggs. Do you have bantam hens?