Monday, November 8, 2010

Garden Update............

Thank you for all the wonderful comments left yesterday...I had a wonderful day of nothingness(is that even a word) I did get the folding done at about 6pm as the children didn't get home until 7pm with pizzas...My life was complete at that moment...hey I LOVE pizza.Above is my over grown herb garden. In the middle is my Nectarine tree, not that you can see it for the Dill....
I got in and gave it a good weeding and planted other herbs that had been sitting in the bird bath waiting to be planted.

Then I moved on.....The budlia needed a good hair cut as did the Mulberry tree.Lots of weeding to be done here in this back garden still but I have made a start and a mess.

Now this morning I have to bring the trailer up and clean it all away.........

As I was wondering around the garden yesterday busy drinking coffee and making garden plans...I thought what a pretty area this is becoming walking down to the pool and cubby.

Hmmmmmm, not so pretty when I got there. So I decided it is time for a make over, some pretty plants out the front and hanging baskets for sure.....Now what about inside, I should give it a real make over.....

This is what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a mess! where to start! What to do?

So I did the only thing there was to do, I closed the door and went back to the house and googled Pool Houses for inspiration.............So the pool house is on the list of things to do, or as some may call in this house The to hard list.....
I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday where ever you are.
Blessings to all

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  1. Can't wait to see what all you are going to do. Keep us updated.