Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm going on a road trip.................

The face of Summer ..............
You know those times when they look so darn cute you have to show the photo. Yesterday this cutie pie and I went to open day down at the little local school. Now when I say little, I'm talking 25 children in all. Next year the children are all changing schools, Robbie is of to high school and Cassie is ready for a change. So next year will be a new start for them all. But back to William, he was so shy but once we got there he soon warmed up to the teacher. I am so impressed with this little school, it has 26 computers, a massive library(that's important to this family of readers) great classrooms..OK I fell in love with the little school. The main reason I am moving Will is they want to keep him back next year, not that I mind this as he is really struggling with grade 2. Being the soft child he is though it would do him more harm then good seeing all his friends move on with out him....At the Flagstone Creek school they are combined classes, so even though he will be in grade 3 he may be doing grade 1 or 2 work. I know this is the better option for Will.
This week I have managed to get the pool house cleaned out. OK it is a start, I would love to paint it all white in here, but I haven't got the time so we'll see. I can see it all pretty and shabby chic in here but I don't know how long pretty would last...

Of course the reason I won't have time is this morning I am going down to Armidale to see my wonderful friend Angie...Did I mention....... I....... am going, that's right folks no children..They are all staying home being looked after by my favorite daughter Chloe (she might read this so major sucking up here) Four days I am going away for, I am so excited that I was awake a 4.30 this morning, didn't think I should wake the kids that early so here I am doing a blog instead.

Now I am going out to vacuum the car, and then probably sit out there waiting for the kids to go to school so I can leave....hahahahaha. Dam I have to make breakfast and lunches first, then I'm sitting in the car beeping the horn. Do you think 7 am is too early to drop them off?????



  1. Hi Mandy

    Do have a safe road trip to your friend's place. Have a wonderful, fun filled weekend - those kids will survive 4 days without you! I bet they are already planning 'fun things to do without Mum'!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Sounds like you can all look forward to some happy changes next year. I'm all for small schools, we have one here - not that small though - and my kids came out swell. Guess you won't be reading this just yet cause I know you are having too much fun. Have a great time!! You gave me a smile for the day just by reading your post.

  3. Have a fun time and a safe trip.

  4. Sounds like Will's New School is so Cute...Have a Great Time in Armidale..know how much you love it there...Safe 7am think you were pushin it lady...

  5. My first trip away without kids for 5 days ... bliss ... I travelled 1400 klms and had a great time.

    On the way home I heard on the radio of a Iron Fest at Wauchope so I backtracked 40 klms to see a great collection of steam driven machines. No way I would have been allowed to do that with kids on board.

    Have a great time.

  6. Glad to see you're getting a little trip away. I hope it was wonderful! I think being alone for at least a little time each week is what I miss the most!

  7. Enjoy your trip to Armidale and time with your friend. Love the idea of a small school, my girls went to a small school although you might not class that has small as they had 280 students but it was wonderful for them.

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful comments...and yes Maree it was 10 before I got away.
    Wonderful to hear thoughts on small schools, I am feeling a real peace about next year and the choices we have made.....
    Now I'm of to visit you all and see what you did on the week end....
    Hugs Mandy